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The Challenge

The Solution

The S Pen delivers 4x the productivity over signing forms on the desktop


Tamarack employees, especially those switching from iOS devices to the Galaxy Note8, were able to do more work tasks on their devices. Founder and CEO Nicholas Guida noted he was four times more productive signing a large batch of documents, versus having to sign on his desktop. Employee productivity also increased, with the ability for employees to access their desktop environment from any device at any location. In addition, having AWS allowed the IT manager to quickly and remotely access and fix any device issues, without needing physical access. In the past, resolving issues required physical access to the device.

Tamarack Logo

The Challenge

Disconnected Work Environment

“Tamarack now has a containerized environment, where their data can’t leak or escape. This is important because they are working on a lot of innovative technology.”

–Chris Ploessel, President of RedNight

The Solution

Powerful Mobile Device Paired with a Cloud-Based Solution

Cloud based solution

The Technology

Samsung Note8

Built with a larger, 6.3-in. screen size and S Pen, so you can communicate in a whole new way.

Samsung Note8

DeX Station

Leave your computer behind with the Samsung DeX Station and stay productive from almost anywhere.

DeX station

The Results

Increased Visibility and Greater Productivity

After piloting the Note8 devices paired with Amazon Web Services, the Tamarack team saw some clear benefits:

  • Streamlined work environment from any device and any location
  • Four times greater productivity when signing documents
  • More convenience and productivity when traveling
  • Faster issue resolution with remote access to employee workstations and devices

For Guida, the biggest benefit has been the DeX service, which allows him to dock his phone in a DeX station that is connected to a monitor, mouse and keyboard and then have access to a desktop experience. “I use DeX exclusively in my other place in San Antonio,” Guida says. “I don’t even have a computer there. I have a mouse and a keyboard under my coffee table and any time I need to do work, I just dock my Note8 and work on my big screen TV.”

As far as having a more mobile-friendly infrastructure, IT manager Leonard Wilson has noted that the implementation of AWS has given him greater visibility and control over employee workstations. “When people are traveling I can now help them without having to have physical access. I just sign in remotely from another device and see the same things they are seeing.”

The team also noted how much the S Pen has increased productivity. “Just last week one of our engineers was traveling and we had several projects that needed to be signed off in short order,” says Wilson. “He was able to get it, review it, and sign it without interruption in his hotel and on his plane in between meetings.”
Guida backs up how much the S Pen has added to his own productivity. He says that recently he was able to complete the signing of 30 documents in a half hour.

I am four times as productive signing documents on my Note8 and I can do it in the comfort of anywhere — I don’t have to sit up straight at my computer and worry about being in front of a monitor. –Nicholas Guida, Founder, Tamarack


Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of the pilot mobile cloud-based program has been the opportunity to show Tamarack’s employees new possibilities of how their work environment could and likely will change in the future. “One thing I really liked about this trial,” says Wilson, “was that it was a good way to get our feet wet and use the AWS platform.”

Wilson noted that even though only select employees had AWS, everyone at the company saw it and was able to gain some familiarity with that type of work environment. Wilson believes having this exposure will be helpful going forward when the company eventually makes a full transition to a cloud-based environment.

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