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Samsung Smart Switch Makes Upgrading to the Galaxy S9 Simple and Stress-free

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ are now available. From their immersive displays and multitasking features to the stunning dual aperture camera, there are plenty of reasons why you should seriously consider making the Galaxy S9 your next work phone.

However, if you are hesitating over making the switch due to the potential hassle of transferring apps, contacts or other data, Samsung Smart Switch can put your mind at ease. Whether you’re moving from an older Galaxy smartphone, another Android device, an iPhone or even a BlackBerry, it is simple to transfer your new Samsung device.

There are three ways you can make the switch: wired, wireless, or via your PC — and in each case, you have complete control over which data you move, and what, if anything, gets left behind.


To transfer data from your old device to your new Galaxy S9, simply use the adapter provided in the box, which connects to the charging port on your new phone and allows you to plug a USB cable into your old phone. When connecting the USB cable during the initial setup, the Galaxy S9 will automatically walk you through the data transfer process.

Your Next Work Phone, Reimagined

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Learn how both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 can help you be more productive throughout the workday. Download Now

If you’re transferring from an iPhone, you’ll need to agree to “Trust the Computer” after connecting, and if you encrypt your iTunes backup, you’ll need to disable this setting for the transfer to work. You should also deregister iMessage before you start, to avoid missing any messages.

Wired transfers work for these compatible devices: Galaxy smartphones running Android 4.3 or newer, iOS devices running iOS 5 or newer, and BlackBerry devices running BB OS7 or older. For other devices, you can use the wireless and PC methods described below.


The process of wireless data transfer differs slightly depending on which device you’re using.

For Galaxy smartphones and other Android devices, download the Smart Switch app from the Google Play store onto your old device. Then, on your new Galaxy S9 device, launch Smart Switch, which is built in and available through the Settings menu. Once launched on both devices, select which type of device you are transferring from and which device is sending and which is receiving the data. Then, simply click connect and choose which data you want to transfer.

Your Next Work Phone, Reimagined

icon of a documentWhite Paper

Learn how both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 can help you be more productive throughout the workday. Download Now

For iOS, first make sure you’ve backed up your data using iCloud and have deregistered iMessage. Then, on the Smart Switch app on your new Galaxy S9 device, choose iOS on the first screen, click on iCloud backup, and enter your iCloud credentials before choosing which data to import.

For BlackBerry users running BB OS7, visit this link on the phone’s built-in browser and download the app. For those running BB OS10, which only allows apps from BlackBerry World to be installed, you need to first hook up your BlackBerry to the PC it’s installed on, download this file, open it on your PC and click “Start Installation.”


If you use a PC or Mac to back up your device, you can transfer all your content to your new phone by hooking it up to your computer. First, download the relevant version of Smart Switch desktop software (PC or Mac). If you’re using an iPhone, be sure to deregister iMessage and unencrypt your iTunes backup before starting.

Having backed up your old phone completely, launch the desktop app, agree with the terms and conditions, connect your new phone, select the name of your old device, find the latest backup and begin the transfer. You’ll be able to choose which content to transfer before importing it to your new device.

You Decide What Stays or Goes

When you make the switch, you have full control over the amount and type of data you want to transfer, so once your new Galaxy S9 device is up and running, you can decide exactly what you want on your new phone. If you’re transferring from a Galaxy device, you’ll be able to replicate everything you have on your old phone, including all your text messages, media content, details about your Wi-Fi connections and even how your home screen looks.

For iOS and BlackBerry users, although the ability to replicate your old device’s setup is reduced, you’ll still be able to transfer all your contacts, messages and media files. Some iOS and BlackBerry apps may not transfer, but fortunately, Smart Switch makes this issue painless as well, suggesting apps you can download from the app store which mirror those on your old device.

Time to upgrade your smartphone? Check out the new Galaxy S9 and S9+ — you’ll never see your old device the same again.

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