Tablets are among the most versatile mobile devices in business. More than personal productivity tools, they can be turned into kiosks, mobile point-of-sale terminals or a digital means of signing documents. AI can not only build upon these capabilities but enhance all the traditional tasks where tablets have become indispensable.

Already, 73% of U.S. companies have implemented AI in at least some areas of their business, but most likely within their core sales, marketing and customer service platforms. The next frontier is on-device AI, which combines the hardware necessary to handle AI compute workloads with features tailored to mobile users. It’s a fast-growing market: Research firm Gartner predicts AI mobile devices like Galaxy S24 and AI PCs like Galaxy Book4 Series will represent 22% of shipments across both categories in 2024.

Samsung is leading innovation in this space by bringing its Galaxy AI to tablets like Galaxy Tab S9 Series and offering a portfolio of premium tablets with AI capabilities to fit multiple use cases and customer needs. This approach lets companies use AI to keep ideas flowing, do business without borders and make ordinary projects epic — all while protecting work data against leaks or misuse with Knox Platform for Enterprise.

Galaxy Tab S9 Series is already known for its PC-like performance and smart multitasking features, but the addition of Galaxy AI can transform everyday work all over again in three critical areas. Here’s how:

1. Productivity

A lightweight, portable tablet with models ranging in display size from 11 inches to a 14.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, the Galaxy Tab S9 Series is ideal for business professionals working from anywhere. Galaxy AI can make it even easier to manage the information shown on these displays while also helping to summarize, format and translate it.

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Let’s say you’re using your Galaxy Tab S9 Series device to read through a client’s request for proposal (RFP) and come across a term you don’t recognize. Instead of popping out of the document and into a search engine, simply circle the term with your finger. Circle to Search with Google immediately brings up the definition you need, letting you continue without missing a beat.

Circle to Search with Google can also save time when you spot an image on social media that could be repurposed for your next marketing campaign, but you need to check the source for copyright. Just circle it! When it’s time to meet a client at a restaurant in an area you rarely visit, Circle to Search with Google can serve up precise locations.

For more in-depth online research — such as poring over a government website to understand your regulatory compliance obligations — Browsing Assist provides similar time savings and streamlined workflows. It’s a Galaxy AI feature that summarizes the most important content on a website, so you can see what you need to know at a glance. You can also use it when you need to grasp the fundamentals of an analyst report or the value proposition of a new supplier or partner.

Galaxy AI is just as helpful when you’re trying to capture information and develop ideas. Galaxy Tab S9 Series devices have always been great for taking notes, whether by using Samsung DeX for a more PC-like experience or by hand with the S Pen. With Note Assist, though, you can now format what you jotted down during a client meeting into easy-to-digest bullet points, organize notes with your other content or even translate your notes into another language. Think of Note Assist as a highly efficient admin that lets you focus on key objectives, like closing another deal.

Of course, many of us now spend as much time on video calls as in-person meetings, and it’s often necessary to record them for those who couldn’t make it. Transcript Assist can not only capture what was said but also provide key takeaways that help everyone get moving more quickly on their action items.

2. Communication

Premium tablets not only let you complete individual tasks but also stay connected with team members and customers. Even when you can see and hear everyone on a call perfectly clearly, though, language barriers can be a problem. Galaxy AI features like Live Translate and Interpreter change that.

When you’re meeting international or even local clients who speak in a foreign language, Live Translate lets you understand what’s being said in real time and reply with your Galaxy Tab S9. Interpreter offers similar convenience when you’re having those kinds of meetings in person, letting you keep the conversation going without worrying about translation.

Galaxy Tab S9 Series is also great for sending emails and using chat apps to foster greater collaboration. Until Galaxy AI, though, the onus had been on you to avoid making errors or phrasing things in a way that might create the wrong impression with an important contact.

Chat Assist, for instance, not only fixes any embarrassing typos but also helps you strike the right tone. For a team member or trusted colleague, a more casual voice might be the best way to provide guidance or coaching. A customer, on the other hand, may expect a more professional tone. Chat Assist can provide suggestions to help in either scenario.

3. Creativity

A customer may be willing to provide you with a testimonial, but only while you’re both at an industry conference. The best moments of your company’s off-site might be forgotten if you don’t take a picture for posterity. Success on social media requires a constant influx of quality images and videos.

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Galaxy Tab S9 Series has an ultra-wide front camera with auto-framing and noise-canceling mics to help with this kind of content production. However, many of us were never trained as professional photographers and videographers, which can make creating content both time-consuming and nerve-wracking.

Enter Generative Edit, a Galaxy AI feature that can remove unwanted objects, adjust colors and make other suggestions to fine-tune your photos. Instant Slow-Mo, meanwhile, makes it easy to turn basic videos into epic replays. This can enhance a demo of your products and services for a prospective client without having to hire an ad agency or professional studio team.

How Galaxy AI enables stronger security and control

For all its benefits, people are sometimes concerned about what AI means in terms of data security and ethical use. You should always be able to use the technology with confidence that it meets the expectations of customers, employees and other third parties.

From a security standpoint, Galaxy Tab S9 Series and other Galaxy AI devices comply with Google’s Secure AI Framework, which requires strict AI data controls and storage that ensure enterprise security, safety and privacy. They also come with built-in enterprise-grade security and management through Samsung Knox, offering a range of multi-layered encryption options to guard your data at rest and protect your data in transit.

As you use Galaxy AI features on your Galaxy Tab S9 Series premium tablet, the underlying architecture clearly separates how data is handled on the device and in the cloud. AI data is processed only after application privileges have been verified and is restricted to authorized applications.

With Knox Platform for Enterprise, you can even decide whether to allow data processing in the cloud to take advantage of the full Galaxy AI functionality or to limit all data processing to the device itself. These controls mean you can empower your business with AI productivity, communication and creativity tools while protecting work data against leaks or misuse. In addition, Galaxy Tab S9 Series tablets are regularly maintained with Samsung’s quarterly security maintenance releases (SMRs), which keep them up to date and protect users and their data against any potential system threats.

This approach is not limited to Galaxy Tab S9 Series. It’s consistent across the entire Galaxy ecosystem, ushering in a new era of AI-powered transformation to businesses of every kind.

Does the Tab S9 Series offer the right devices for your business needs? Read on with this overview of Samsung’s tablet offerings. And see how you can get the most out of Samsung DeX on your Galaxy tablet.

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