We’ve talked about what filmmakers need to consider when creating 360 video and the ways that these projects differ from traditional shoots, but what about post-production?

While at NAB 2018, I connected with Next Computing’s CTO and president Bob Labadini about editing and producing professional 360 videos. Labadini was particularly impressed with the software that comes bundled with Samsung’s 360 Round VR camera.

“Samsung is the first company to approach the 360 workflow from beginning to end,” Labadini said. “Unlike other predecessors, they’re not just building a camera — they’ve thought through the front-end workflow, [including] the stitching and rendering.”

But for filmmakers, there’s a lot more to do than just editing and stitching together video from all different angles. You need a platform and program to make that possible.

“[With Samsung], a customer can start the whole process without having to build components themselves,” Labadini said. “That’s a major step forward.”

If you’re producing or editing a shoot, this means you can focus on your expertise and delivering the best story — instead of trying to create or retrofit tools that end up making your workflow more complicated, and slowing down your delivery time for a project or client.

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