Case Studies

Hotel Alessandra Leverages Wearables for Elegant, Efficient Guest Service

The Challenge

The Solution

The Samsung Gear S3 increases request fulfillment speed

The Results

Guests and staff alike warmly embraced the new, tech-fueled communication system. Requests are fulfilled more quickly, no messages get lost or forgotten, and Hotel Alessandra maintains its ambiance of efficient hospitality, while avoiding excess staffing and shielding guests from the back-end complexity of running a hotel. With Gear S3 smartwatches and TaskWatch software, Hotel Alessandra has been able to simplify and reduce response time for guest-to-staff and staff-to-staff communication, increase efficiency and enhance the guest experience.

The Customer Need:

Communicating More Quickly — and Silently

“It’s exciting to have a sleek piece of technology that simplifies communication.”

— Safet Dokara, Director of Operations at Hotel Alessandra

The Solution:

Leveraging Wearables for Effortless Hospitality

The Technology:

Samsung Gear Sport

A smartwatch that can help you live an active lifestyle and stay connected.

Samsung Gear S3

Stay connected every step of the way and get expanded manageability, customization and productivity.

The Results:

Impressing Guests and Empowering Employees