Setting up a new company phone can be a complex task, involving signing into accounts, clicking through endless menus, downloading an MDM client, inputting server URLs and configuring multiple settings. For IT departments, even those who have developed a clear and concise user guide, there will always be users who run into issues with any manual setup process. Multiply that over hundreds or even thousands of employee smartphones, and it means lot of wasted time for IT and non-productive downtime for employees.

If you are struggling to keep your mobile device setup streamlined and in sync, it’s time to look at automated mobile enrollment and configuration solutions. For Samsung mobile devices, Knox Mobile Enrollment offers a streamlined solution through which the IT administrator can quickly and easily bulk-enroll mobile devices. Bulk enrollment simplifies management for the administrator and requires little end-user interaction. For organizations looking to apply additional configurations to mobile devices at setup, Knox Configure lets you take this much further, defining settings, apps and even boot screens for the entire device fleet.

Learn more about Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox Configure so your next mobile deployment won’t skip a single beat.