There is a saying that goes “If you’re early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late, and if you’re late you may as well not show up at all.” This has never rung more true for today’s enterprise leaders. Being future-ready and embracing disruptive technologies are critical to staying on top.

In this episode of Business Disrupted, we speak with three digital transformation experts who reveal how companies should approach their technology strategy, culture and talent pool to ensure they’re ahead of the curve. 

Podcast guests:

  • Ray Wang, CEO of Constellation Research (@rwang0)
  • Jonathan Reichental, CIO of Palo Alto (@Reichental)
  • Mary Beth Westmoreland, CTO at Blackbaud (@blackbaud)

Don’t miss these discussion topics:

2:28 How critical are the next 3 years for CIOs?
4:18 Envisioning the digital workplace of the future
5:50 Key business shifts taking place now
8:44 The most important technologies driving digital transformation
9:39 Advice for IT leaders responsible for driving digital transformation
12:44   Technologies to be bullish on
16:35   Being a first mover vs. fast follower
17:20   When to adopt new enterprise technologies
19:05   Cannibalizing your own product
21:17   Companies to look to for ideas
24:19   Outlook for the future of business transformation

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