Nobody ever said no to faster, more powerful specs on their smartphone, but speed and power aren’t everything. If they were, we’d all be driving to work and doing our grocery shopping in Formula 1 racecars. Without functionality, practicality and reliability, we lose the ability to get the job done.

That’s why Samsung’s new Galaxy Note9 was designed to focus on the features that really make a difference, helping business users to keep working going in any environment, and helping IT to easily manage and secure enterprise data.

It’s not just equipped with innovative tools like the S Pen and the Samsung DeX platform, it also has the battery life, storage and biometric security features to support you and your teams in every way, every day.

Here are nine ways the Galaxy Note9 empowers enterprise workers everywhere in a secure and manageable fashion that IT will love.

1. S Pen Gives You Ultimate Control

The S Pen has long been a favorite feature of Galaxy Note users, letting them quickly jot down their best ideas, annotate documents, make quick sketches, and much more. In fact, according to Samsung customer research, Note users say that the S Pen boosts their productivity by 24 percent.

Now, the most powerful stylus around is also a discreet, efficient remote control. The Note9’s Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled S Pen lets you smoothly control your presentations from anywhere in the room, take flawless photos and more.

2. Bigger, Brighter Infinity Display

Galaxy Notes have always had awesome screens. Indeed, DisplayMate last year awarded the Note8’s screen a record-setting A+, calling it “the most innovative and high-performance smartphone display that we have ever lab tested.” The Note9’s 6.4-in. 1440p Super AMOLED Infinity Display is Samsung’s largest, most brilliant smartphone screen ever. When you can see more, you can get more done.

3. Long Days Need a Longer Battery

At 4,000mAh, the Note9 boasts the largest battery in a Note, ever. This is a battery that will outlast your longest work day. Plus, equipped with the latest fast wireless charging technology, the Note9 also recharges quickly and safely, for all your on-the-go workers. You’ll never again be stuck tethered to a plug, trying to get some juice before rushing to your next meeting.

4. Work in the Fast Lane

The Note9’s cutting-edge, 10-nanometer processor offers the super-fast processor that your team needs to deliver their best. Combine that with an ultra-fast Cat. 18 LTE modem with 4×4 MIMO antenna, and you’ll enjoy rapid downloads when accessing large documents or video content. That’s the blazing-fast performance that fast-moving companies and teams need.

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5. Store More, Do More

The Note9 comes standard with a massive 128GB of built-in storage, with a 512GB version also available for those with big storage needs. What’s more, you can expand storage up to 2TB via the microSD slot. Let your teams download, capture and create more, and delete less.

6. Samsung DeX Turns Any Space Into a Workspace

Samsung DeX lets you enjoy a true mobile-powered desktop experience with the Note9. With the help of new HDMI or multiport adaptor, you can connect the Note9 to a monitor, keyboard and mouse to launch the DeX platform. Samsung DeX offers a familiar desktop UX, with resizable windows, keyboard shortcuts, drag-and-drop and right mouse click functionality. The latest DeX upgrade also allows you to continue to work on your phone while it powers the desktop computing environment on the monitor. It’s time to forget your laptop, on purpose.

7. Defense-Grade Security

High security and ease of use are usually mutually exclusive. Not with the Galaxy Note9. The Note9 includes defense-grade security with Samsung Knox, protecting the integrity of the device from the chip up. It also features iris scanning and fingerprint sensors for biometric authentication, making it easier than ever for your team to follow security protocol to the letter — without wasting a second.

8. Deployment Made Easy

Mobile tools don’t do any good if they’re not deployed and managed effectively. Enterprises can quickly and easily get a fleet of Note9 devices up and running for employees using Knox Configure (licensed separately), and will enjoy close integration with Samsung’s Knox Manage and other leading EMM solutions. IT teams needing additional support can also tap into mobility experts at Samsung to get their initiative off to a quick start.

9. Expert Support and Protection

Samsung ProCare delivers mobility technical support, from escalation to development, to help keep your business running smoothly. Your account manager acts as an extension of your team, putting the power of Samsung expertise at your fingertips and making it easier than ever to implement and manage cutting-edge mobility solutions. Samsung ProCare device protection also provides deductible-free assistance to give you peace of mind.

The super powerful Galaxy Note9 is the ultimate productivity tool for your workers. It does more, so your business can grab opportunities at light speed, and be a disruptor, not one of the disrupted.

Learn how the Note9 can power mobility, power productivity and power your business.

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