Custom PC maker MAINGEAR puts a premium on high performance — not only for its own top-tier gaming and workstation computers, but also for bundled components, making sure they select the best gaming monitors to go with their high-end machines.

In this video, MAINGEAR founder and CEO Wallace Santos relates the customer-focused mindset behind his Kenilworth, New Jersey, company, and why he works with Samsung to deliver what he calls “ultimate gaming and business workflow experiences.” Samsung’s 49-inch widescreen monitor delivers an immersive experience for gamers, or can be a vast desktop canvas for multitasking professionals such as creative designers, engineers and project managers.

MAINGEAR’s hand-built PCs are only as powerful as their on-screen output, explains Santos, “so this is where a really fast monitor, with beautiful colors, really matters.”

Santos says his partnership with Samsung is not only about premium solutions, but premium service. “It’s not just about the product. It’s also about great support.”

Watch the video to get the story behind premium PCs and the best gaming monitors, and why technical specifications matter.

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