Wearables are bringing a whole new dimension to police technology by providing anytime, anywhere access to information and improving situational awareness for officers, regardless of assignment. Smartwatches can function as a wrist-worn computer-aided dispatch (CAD) device that’s always with the officer — so they get instant updates and alerts when on the move.

Mobile computing has long been the norm in police cars, but the utility of an in-car computer ends when an officer gets out of the car. Smartphones have already demonstrated their ability to extend mobile functionality beyond the vehicle, and the new generation of wearables will take capabilities to a whole new level with unique features like single-touch duress notification and even monitoring of an officer’s location and vital signs.

This infographic will help you envision the possibilities, as it takes you along as a patrol officer handles a suspicious subject call and then becomes involved in a foot pursuit. You’ll see how a wearable can improve the safety of the officer by auto-notifying dispatch of the situation and then providing real-time location and activity updates as the foot chase unfolds.

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