The workplace is increasingly mobile-first — or even mobile-only. Reimagining the workstation of the future requires organizations to achieve new kinds of mobile integration — creating workspaces engineered for security and aligned with the way people work. By 2020, 48 percent of the workforce will be mobile. Physical workspaces are changing and shrinking to include fewer dedicated desks and more open collaboration spaces. Digital transformation is driving this change, and organizations are creating new possibilities around a flexible cloud core.

In my upcoming presentation at VMworld 2018, I’ll be sharing real examples of integrated mobile productivity across verticals. Since joining Samsung in 2012, I’ve guided the growth of Samsung’s mobile integrations and innovations in the enterprise space. Samsung has grown from offering top-tier mobile devices to pioneering defense-grade platform and application security. As the mobile workforce transforms, these offerings are enhanced with possibilities from VMworld products like WorkspaceOne and Horizon to solve real customer problems.

Defining Success in Enterprise Mobility

The rise of mobile has had a significant impact on many industries, including finance and insurance, government and public safety, healthcare and beyond. As organizations pursue digital transformation to create new value for customers and to evolve how they do business, there’s a need to balance competing priorities within the enterprise mobility strategy. I define a successful enterprise mobile strategy by three important criteria:

  • Productivity
  • Security
  • Real-World Value and Ease-of-Administration

How Samsung and VMware Support Enterprise Mobility

At the core of enterprise mobility is device-level security and comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM). This all starts with Samsung Knox, the only platform engineered for defense-grade security. Administrators gain control and efficiency with the Knox security and management features which ensure devices are secure from the moment they boot.

Meanwhile, Samsung DeX makes full mobile transformation a possibility by allowing mobile-first workers to transform their mobile device into a desktop and rely on one device for all work activities.

Maximize Your Mobile Value

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Mobile integrations with VMware Horizon and WorkspaceOne allow organizations to create cutting-edge, personalized application experiences which enhance employee productivity. With context-based apps, the enterprise can provide customized workflows by role or individual to support collaboration and productivity at any time and any place.

Real Customer Mobile Integration Success Stories

I’ll be sharing in-depth insight into how mobile integration between Samsung and VMware products are transforming the workplace for real customers in different industries:

Finance and Banking

Intelligent devices such as the new Samsung Note9 and cloud applications are joining forces to create a flexible, omnichannel customer experience in the banking branch. In real success stories, mobile branch workers have achieved access to work portals and information, complete customer information, and the ability to complete transactions and enrollments from a single mobile workstation which can scale to desktops or be used at the customer’s location.

Government and Public Safety

In the public sector, Samsung and VMWare are collaborating to create a mobile-only workforce which supports the needs of officers in many different environments. One smartphone, fully engineered and embedded for security, can seamlessly replace in-car computers for easier administration and stronger security. In-station, the same mobile device can be connected to a desktop for seamless data transfer. Finally, rugged devices offer protection against the elements and full functionality in the field.

Solving Real Problems With Mobile Transformation

Across all verticals, organizations are facing a need to pursue mobile transformation. While all industries need to measure success by factors of productivity, security and ease-of-administration, there’s no one-size-fits-all use case or implementation. When secure and innovative products from VMware and Samsung join forces, organizations can solve their real problems and create mobile-first workstations which fit the ways their employees work.

Join Ram Motipally for in-depth insights into Reimagining the Future of Work in a Mobile-First World on Monday, Aug. 27 at 2 p.m. at VMWorld (Event code LDT3835BUS). If you won’t be attending the show, stay tuned for coverage of the cutting edge of mobile integration and transformation in the workplace.

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