Whether you’re enhancing your employee training program, equipping workers in the field or building a stronger connection with your customers, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) should be at the top of your list of technologies to explore.

In this episode, we look beyond the hype at AR and VR applications that are generating actual business results. Tune in to hear our expert guests speak frankly about technology maturity as forerunners of VR and AR innovation. They also explain the opportunities and potential challenges these immersive technologies present — especially for IT leaders considering or in the midst of implementation.

Podcast guests:

  • Charlie Fink, Author and former Disney, AOL and AG Interactive executive (@CharlieFink)
  • Keith Curtin, Founder, See Digital (@KFCurtin)
  • Josh Sackman, President, Applied VR (@joshsackman)

Don’t miss these discussion topics:

2:30 The role of content in unlocking the potential of AR and VR
2:34 The impact of AR and VR on the consumer vs. business 
6:19 Differences between AR and VR
9:38 The relative maturity of AR, VR and Mixed Reality
14:14   Convincing your CEO that now is the time to invest in AR/VR
20:19 Learnings from VR application failures
23:16 Learnings from personal failures
26:59 VR/AR rollout do’s and dont’s 
31:31 What to be aware of in terms of VR/AR security
33:20 The most exciting developments on the horizon
37:04 Thought leaders to follow

Books and thought leaders recommended in this episode:

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