As retailers and restaurants look to streamline their operations, self-serve kiosks have grown increasingly popular. Unfortunately, many of the solutions that get rolled out in the quick expansion have reliability issues and don’t deliver on the promise of faster, better service.

While at InfoComm 2018, I spoke with Samsung’s Shari Sentlowitz about how Samsung’s touchscreen display solutions are developed to address the need for a simpler kiosk.

One of the keys to Samsung’s solution is leveraging the chip within the display itself, which means an external PC or media player isn’t needed. With this process, a retailer can create a touchable menu and integrate it directly into their payment system.

“Now you have the ability to order and pay directly from a kiosk,” Sentlowitz said. “We can work directly with our customers, doing something that is in-house with their own technology — or pairing them with third-party integrators that specialize in solutions for customer checkout.”

Sounds like a five-star process to me!

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