Smartphones and tablets provide incredible flexibility as business tools, but there are some occasions when that flexibility can become a distraction too.

Whether it is on the factory floor, in a hospital or in a public safety setting, you don’t want team members making mistakes, falling behind schedule or even getting injured because they’re distracted by extraneous apps or content.

The good news is that smart mobile devices can be customized and configured to do — or not do — just about anything. If you are planning a mobile deployment to support a specific business function, it’s important to invest time up front determining the core settings, applications and security policies.

Some of this can be achieved with a typical mobile device management (MDM) solution, but Samsung’s Knox Configure goes much further. Knox Configure lets you create a gold master image for a fleet of Samsung mobile devices, customizing everything from the splash screen to the WiFi settings and pre-loaded applications. Settings take effect the moment the enrolled device is booted up and goes online, saving you from the tedious manual configuration of hundreds of phones or tablets.

With a properly configured device, your employees will stay focused on their original tasks, which means more productivity and fewer accidents. Get the most out of your mobile device investment with tools that support your business objectives and empower your workers.

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