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Don’t Miss the Message: Connecting to Critical Alerts

Communication is important in any business, but sometimes it’s really, really important.

From public safety and healthcare to manufacturing and logistics, establishing a reliable, “always-on” approach to distributing critical alerts is a key priority. Effective, clear and speedy communications keep team members safer and enhance productivity.

Smartphones, tablets and cloud-based applications have helped introduce new digital processes to support highly-mobile workers, replacing legacy technology like pagers and two-way radios. But as smart as a phone or tablet may be, there are some times where a different form-factor is required to create a more expedient alert process.

Smartwatches for Critical Alerts

Smartwatches like Samsung’s Galaxy Watch are an ideal platform for delivering critical alerts across an organization. They are hands-free and always accessible for team members who are multitasking in field. They can alert team members with discreet haptic feedback so that customer interactions are not disrupted. And, they can support short messages, images or maps, and even voice calls, connecting to cellular or WiFi networks. Additionally, built-in sensors that can track the wearer’s location, movement and vitals open up new opportunities to further automate processes and improve worker safety.

Developing Smartwatch Applications

The ecosystem of smartwatch applications is growing rapidly, but many organizations choose to develop their own custom applications tailored to their specific business needs.

Samsung has made available a number of tools to help enterprises take full advantage of its smartwatch technology.

  • Enterprises and developers can tap into the Tizen SDK to develop custom applications for its smartwatch line
  • To enable device management and enhanced security, the Knox Tizen SDK for wearables allows enterprises to create a mobile device management client to deploy across a fleet of devices
  • For organizations wanting to customize the interface and key functions of the device, Samsung’s Knox Configure provides a cloud-based portal to develop a gold master image

For so many professionals across a swath of industries, time is of the essence and critical alerts must be met with immediate response. Don’t let your employees miss the message when it’s most important.

Get more insights on designing applications to take advantage of the smartwatch form-factor.

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