Big data has become omnipresent, and its complications and challenges have followed suit. Real-time information is raining down on businesses, coming in from sensors, systems and customers. Enterprises now need a comprehensive storage solution designed to perform for a larger scope: workloads that move 24 hours a day and push capacities to the edge. The Samsung 983 DCT enterprise-class solid-state drive (SSD) was built precisely to stand up to those critical workloads in these five specific ways.

Unparalleled Speed

When split-second decisions and real-time data represent the path to profitability, speed is important. The Samsung 983 DCT is faster than competitive drives in terms of sustained read-write performance. Part of this speed comes from innovative engineering within the silicon, but it also comes from the PCIe interface, which allows for rapid speeds and high responsiveness. It comes in two form factors: the U.2 form factor, which equips a 2.5-in. drive with four transfer lanes, not two; and the M.2, which is essentially the size of a RAM module, and also has four transfer lanes. The 983 DCT delivers jaw-dropping sequential read/write speeds of up to 3,000/1,900 MB/s (U.2) and 3,000/1,400 MB/s (M.2).

Higher Capacities

Data that’s streaming in constantly or is accessed thousands of times daily to perform complex calculations needs to be stored in a hot-tier, fast environment — but also one that has the capacity to hold all the data in question. The 983 DCT is available in capacities of 960GB and 1.92TB, enabling you to store copious quantities of data without sacrificing the speed of your tier 1 storage layer.

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Since the 983 DCT is available in two form factors, it fits a variety of servers both new and old. So, if you’re considering upgrading some parts of your existing storage infrastructure, or you’re specifying the components of a brand new investment in storage, the 983 DCT can play an integral role either way. The 983 DCT is available in capacities large enough for enterprise-class reliability and security, but scalability and easy installation allows businesses of all sizes to benefit. Whatever your industry or use case, the 983 DCT can adapt to meet your needs.

Big Data Friendly

The 983 DCT is ideal for real-time, big data analytics applications, which often have intensive data streaming in constantly — requiring consistent write performance with reliability and dependability to match. The reliability of SSDs can be measured through device/drive writes per day, or DWPD, which is essentially a measure of how many times a customer can completely overwrite the whole storage space of a drive before its storage becomes unreliable. The 983 DCT has a 0.8 DWPD rating, meaning you can overwrite 80 percent of the capacity of the entire disk every day for five years straight without the drive medium becoming unreliable. That’s world-class dependability for constant data-intensive workloads.

Enterprise Quality

The 983 DCT was built specifically using Samsung’s expertise and experience designing solutions for the enterprise storage and data center market. Insights developed include end-to-end data protection that ensures consistency of data all along the transfer path, and intelligent protection against data corruption because of a power interruption. The Samsung SSD Toolkit software can help with efficient management of all SSDs in your datacenter, reducing total cost of ownership.

Enterprises need fast-performing storage that has headroom to grow and offers flexibility for their current and future needs. Datacenters need drives capable of sustaining constant reads and writes, and organizations need the proper tools to manage the individual components of their storage infrastructure. The Samsung 983 DCT nails all of these requirements and solves the most prominent data storage problems for enterprises.

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