Samsung DeX enables our smartphones to deliver a true desktop experience by providing mobile workers the multi-screen real estate that they need for ultimate productivity.

Our latest update to DeX improves upon the user experience in several major ways.

Arguably, the biggest upgrade is DeX Dual Mode, which makes multi-tasking over multiple screens as smooth as silk.

In this episode of SBTV, I show how workers can watch a webinar on one screen while taking notes on their Galaxy Note9 using the powerful S Pen and DeX Dual Mode.

All I need to do is plug my Note9 into a monitor with an HDMI cable, start the webinar app that appears on the large monitor, pull out my S Pen and voila! I’m ready to start taking notes. Watch the video above to see how DeX Dual Mode delivers a true desktop experience!

Get the Samsung DeX white paper and find out if going mobile-only is the best solution for you.