With the ability to turn any desk into a potential workspace, Samsung DeX is the key enabling technology for companies looking to go mobile-only, cutting IT costs and lightening their employees’ loads to increase productivity.

You can make your workers’ DeX experience even more effective and improve device security by configuring DeX Mode settings using our simple and powerful tool, Samsung Knox.

In this episode of SBTV, I show how IT administrators can use Knox to easily edit DeX Mode defaults and shortcuts on their workers’ Samsung devices.

For instance, you can set which apps show up on the now-expanded DeX desktop, as well as which apps are disabled (Sorry, no Netflix at the office!). You can even make your company’s logo appear whenever DeX Mode is started.

You can also enforce IT and device security policies, such as Ethernet-only networking access when your Samsung device is docked and running DeX. That’s a boon for companies operating in highly-regulated industries such as finance or government.

Find out if Samsung DeX is your ticket to increased mobile productivity by reading the white paper.

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