Traveling sales pros, also known as “road warriors,” have to hit steep productivity goals in a variety of unpredictable work environments. In a single day, a road warrior’s list of work spaces may include an airport terminal, the back of a ride share car, a client boardroom and a hotel room. As the face of your business and the ones actively bringing new revenue to your brand, their efficacy directly affects the success of your company as a whole.

These professionals need more than just a packable work space — they need powerful, reliable technology that can support all the work they do behind the scenes. The average sales pro spends just one-third of their day talking to leads, according to HubSpot. The other 66 percent is dedicated to emails, data entry, research and internal communications.

Traveling sales professionals need the same apps for productivity and collaboration as the average office-bound knowledge worker, without being tied to a laptop or traditional mobile device. Sales pros need a modern 2-in-1: a powerful machine with the full capabilities of a desktop and flexible mobile features designed for the road warrior’s on-the-move lifestyle.

To hit the ground running, road warriors need a solution that’s just as portable, lightweight and sleek as it is multifunctional. They need the perfect combination of slim design, high-resolution display, long battery life and best-in-class power. To future-proof the investment, look for devices that focus on functionality and efficiency. A great example is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, which seamlessly transitions from a tablet into a full desktop experience with Samsung DeX.

Ultra-powerful devices designed specifically for the road warrior lifestyle can transform your sales team’s perspective on mobile productivity and seamlessly scale from the terminal to client presentations.

Setting Up Seamless Presentations

It can be hard to know in advance whether a client presentation will be a one-on-one discussion or a group presentation to several key stakeholders. You need a device that can scale seamlessly from a rich mobile display to a multifunctional presentation mode. A high-resolution, stunningly bright Super AMOLED screen showcases your company’s solutions in vivid detail. But don’t turn a deaf ear to audio — speakers with Dolby Atmos sound provide an immersive video experience that allows any form of media from video conferencing to brand presentations to come to life.

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If your road warrior is prepping for a group presentation, they’ll rest easy knowing they can extend Samsung DeX to presentation mode by connecting to an external display or projector using an HDMI adapter.

Answering Questions With Confidence

Make sure your road warriors are prepared to answer tough questions on the spot, without having to utter those deal-delaying (or breaking) words: “I’ll get back to you on that.” Equip them with all the resources they need to succeed from product guides to company policies, with the Samsung Knox Workspace. Knox Workspace not only keeps your key company documentation, such as pricing, secure, it also enables you to remotely wipe it should the worst happen and you misplace your device.

Closing the Deal

When the prospect is ready to commit, don’t keep them waiting. Close the deal without delay by accessing secure, cloud-based forms customized to your new client, stored in a Knox Secure Folder. Clients can sign and annotate contracts directly on the screen using the S Pen. Without the need to charge the S Pen, you are always ready for that sale.

Productivity Anywhere, Anytime

Road warriors know that squeezing in work whenever possible is part of the job — as are international flights, layovers and 12-hour workdays spanning several time zones. Give your sales team a device that keeps up with their hectic schedule: With a 7,300mAh battery, the Tab S4 just doesn’t quit, and offers up to 16 hours of continuous video playback. With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Octa-Core chipset and DeX to transform into a desktop-like experience, sales can take advantage of any opportunity to draft documents, type out emails or update shared sales spreadsheets. It’s heavy on power but light on the load — at 17oz., this 10-in. tablet makes airport security a breeze.

Scale to Your Mobile Work Space

With Samsung DeX, road warriors can take their tablets and transition into a complete desktop experience by attaching a book cover keyboard — making anything from the restaurant table to the hotel room desk into their own mobile office. DeX enhances the experience with multiple Android app windows, the full Microsoft office suite and the ability to connect a larger display, so they can visually spread out and work more efficiently.

Sales pros need the same high-octane solutions for productivity as the average office worker, with added flexibility to boot. A road warrior’s device needs the multifunctional design to quickly scale from a tool that displays immersive presentations, to a resource empowering the user to rapidly scout for answers to client questions. Their device needs to be ready to transform from signature page to workstation rapidly, without delays that slow them down and cause roadblocks.

A flexible 2-in-1 device is designed for the unique needs of today’s busiest professionals by transforming to meet productivity requirements in any business travel scenario.

Learn more about how the Galaxy Tab S4 can help you and your workers stay productive in any situation.

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