Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4: The ultimate tablet for mobile professionals

For mobile professionals, a tablet is a powerful customer engagement tool. Whether you’re an associate in a luxury retail store, a physician at the patient’s bedside or a sales consultant, a tablet lets you access and share information, presentations or videos that enrich your face-to-face interactions.

For many of these professionals, however, tablets have been a supplemental device; when it comes time to get down to some real productivity, they will put away the tablet and boot up the old desktop or laptop PC.

That’s changing with a new breed of powerful tablets like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4 that enable greater productivity and flexibility of use throughout the workday. Work off its crisp, captivating touch display, or with the Samsung DeX platform, dock it quickly into an optional keyboard cover for a seamless transition to a desktop productivity experience. Back at the office, when you want to work on a larger monitor with a full-sized keyboard and mouse, just connect your Tab S4 via a DeX adaptor and get straight to work.

The Tab S4 enables you to engage with customers in more ways and in more places than ever before. To explore this further, let’s journey through a day in the life of a mobile professional with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4 and DeX.

You’re pitching a client in a few hours. Can you get the presentation done?

It’s 10 a.m. You’re sitting in a café reviewing the presentation, and you can see it’s far from finished. If you were at the office, you could easily finish in time for the big meeting — but can you do it on your tablet? With the Tab S4 and Samsung DeX, you can work in PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office 365 applications just like you would on a laptop.

Connect to your keyboard cover and launch DeX. DeX stands for “desktop experience” and that’s just what it delivers: a familiar task bar, multiple resizable windows, keyboard shortcuts and the ability to drag and drop. Don’t sweat it, the presentation is done with minutes to spare.

Can I really run the whole meeting from my tablet?

We’ve all experienced the horror of not being able to get a laptop connected to the conference room display, or not being able to download the final presentation file due to connectivity issues. Nothing sinks a sales pitch like a technology glitch.

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Since you can run your presentation off your Tab S4, there’s no chance of an embarrassing compatibility issue today. Just connect your tablet to the HDMI display or projector with your DeX adaptor. You can use your Tab S4 as a touchpad to launch the presentation and click through the slides. If you need to privately jot down customer feedback, you can do so with your S Pen on your tablet while DeX powers the presentation on the conference room display. This is called “dual mode” because the device is powering two separate experiences, one on the tablet and one on the external display.

The presentation goes well and leads naturally into a collaborative discussion. With your Tab S4, DeX and the S Pen, you can now launch a whiteboard brainstorming session. Capture notes, sketch ideas and then immediately share them with the group via email.

Time to close the deal. Can you do it?

Everyone in the room is impressed. But you still have to sell the idea to your client’s CEO and get them to sign on the dotted line. Fortunately she is in her office, and you are given the opportunity to seal the deal, then and there.

No DeX this time. You sit across the table and flick through the presentation on your tablet screen. Now for the sizzle video that highlights the key benefits of your product. With a crystal clear, 10.5-in. sAMOLED display at 2560×1600, the Galaxy Tab S4 is the perfect device for this. The audio comes through beautifully as well, thanks to the tablet’s larger-than-life AKG/Dolby ATMOS speakers. Once the CEO is sold, have the S Pen handy to quickly and accurately capture her signature.

Now, it’s time to hunker down and make some serious progress. Can a tablet measure up?

You’re back at the office and it’s time to write up the sales report. You connect your Tab S4 via DeX to a 32-in. monitor and pair a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Under the hood, the Tab S4 has the computing power and expandable storage you need to get the job done. Its eight-core Snapdragon 835 processor and 4GB of built-in RAM provide the horsepower to run multiple apps seamlessly. Base models come in either 64GB or 256GB versions, both expandable to 400GB via the microSD card port. Using a full-sized keyboard and mouse to navigate these apps makes the whole process even quicker and more accurate — but you may find yourself switching to the S Pen at times, just for the extra features.

Can your tablet keep up with your lifestyle, all day?

You’re home, and now it’s finally time to relax, but your tablet’s job is never done. You’ll need every drop of your tablet’s power if you don’t want to be chained to a wall outlet, and thankfully the Tab S4 delivers up to 16 hours on a single burst with its fast-charging 7300mAh battery. And since Samsung has integrated Knox security right down to the chip level, you can get right into relaxation mode no matter where you are — even while using a public Wi-Fi connection.

Could a productivity tablet actually make relaxation better, as well?

If you can’t choose between streaming video, music, podcasts and games — then don’t! The Tab S4’s processing power, battery life and multiwindow features allow you push past the former limits of streaming media — so go ahead and start a movie while trying to top your high score on that new game you just downloaded.

The Tab S4 was built with mobile professionals in mind, and their unique need for both power and portability. Samsung has enhanced every aspect of the tablet experience for workers, helping them impress clients, work anywhere and (eventually) relax — all on a single, powerful device.

Learn more about how the Galaxy Tab S4 can help you stay productive in any situation.

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