Today’s manufacturing environment is rapidly moving toward automation and digitization. Yet there are still a surprising number of factory environments where pencils and clipboards remain the norm. These types of manual processes can be costly.

Translating metrics from paper to actionable information can take days or even weeks — if the information goes anywhere at all. With a connected supply chain, information is relayed to the cloud instantaneously. This ensures predictive maintenance, as tasks and inventory management can all happen in real-time.

Samsung’s breadth of product lines — a combination of hardware, software, security and customization capabilities through Knox Configure — allows Samsung to not only help create end-to-end solutions that can connect the supply chain, but to optimize those solutions for individual customers’ needs. Through close partnerships, Samsung adds additional value and ROI to its solutions, eliminating the need for single-purpose devices, such as barcode scanners, and enabling mobile devices to scan inventory, track assets and initiate task management.

In this roundtable episode of SBTV, host Reid Estreicher sits down with Muzaffar Ahmed from the Software and Services team at Samsung B2B and John Gibson, head of Manufacturing B2B at Samsung.

These experts discuss what they are seeing on manufacturing floors today, what pain points there are and what solutions Samsung has to offer to enable manufacturers to build a smart, connected supply chain. This includes how manufacturers can pave a path toward Industry 4.0 and achieve a strong ROI. Tune in to learn more.

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