The retail landscape is undergoing significant change, especially brick and mortar stores that are challenged with matching the online shopping experience. To keep up, the retail associate of tomorrow needs to be empowered to have interactions with customers that are as quick and effective as a double-click on a website.

Right now, most stores don’t have the same types of data on their in-store customers as they do online, such as how long they spent in the brick-and-mortar or whether they found what they were looking for. To get this type of data and offer in-store interventions similar to the real-time experiences now available online will require retail associates to be connected to technology — whether a tablet, a smartwatch or another type of mobile device.

To learn more about how the retail landscape is shifting, how technology can better empower the retail associate of tomorrow and what the future might hold, join SBTV host Reid Estreicher for a lively and insightful roundtable discussion with guests Sucharita Kodali, a Forrester retail analyst, and Ian Hutchinson, who focuses on business development for the retail sector for Samsung.

Read about emerging technologies transforming in-store shopping experiences in our white paper, or learn how data and mobile devices are drastically improving associate performance in today’s retail enterprise.

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