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How Cognex Mobile Technology Aids Scanning in Tough Environments | SBTV

Mobile devices that function as scanners can meet or exceed the performance of dedicated scanning devices — and can cost a fraction of the price. However, in some industrial and hazardous environments, the use of mobile scanning devices has been limited due to the risk of device damage.

The Cognex MX-1000 series mobile terminal now allows businesses to use the latest Samsung mobile devices in even harsh environments as a scanner. Ideal for scanning DPM codes on automotive parts or label-based barcodes on equipment and packages, the Cognex MX-1000 mobile terminal design is flexible enough to fit a variety of Samsung mobile device models.

Its industrial-grade ruggedized housing ensures that your devices remain protected — yet you also have access to the fast processors and high-resolution cameras available on Samsung smartphones.

To see how simple it is to convert your Samsung mobile device into a ruggedized mobile scanner, watch this short SBTV video.

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