Many people look at mobile security as a negative, defensive strategy or an insurance sale. In some instances, people shut down or stop listening, feeling the conversation about security is a fear tactic.

I believe it’s completely the opposite.

Mobile security is a proactive measure and allows you to be more aggressive with your mobile device usage. I like to think about mobile security as like brakes on a car.

Why do we have brakes on our cars?

Most people would tell you brakes on a car were created to help you stop — which is a defensive mindset. But I believe brakes on a car were created so you could drive faster!

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Let me explain: If you think about older cars, they were limited in the speed you could go safely, because of being unable to stop reliably. But as the brakes on cars improved you felt more comfortable going faster as you knew you could rely on them for more control. Anti-lock breaks, computerized braking and better handling in adverse weather — all these new capabilities allow you to get from point A to point B safely and efficiently.

This is a positive, a betterment. It saves you time, and time is money. That’s why proper security on a mobile device is like the brakes on a car.

With the Samsung Knox mobile security platform and solutions, you get some advanced braking capabilities so you can safely negotiate even the most difficult roads. The Samsung Knox platform offers businesses the ability to secure the phone, tablet or smartwatch’s entire dataset from the chip up with Samsung Knox Manage; customize devices out of the box with Samsung Knox Configure; and separate work information from personal data with Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise.

When you implement a security solution on a mobile device that protects the hardware and software from the chip-level up, you create the ability to drive your device faster, in more hostile environments. This allows you to embrace the digital transformation we’re all facing, and have your mobile devices work for you with the assurance they will stop physical and virtual threats. The better the security (like brakes on a car) the more effective and efficient you can achieve your mission, anywhere and anytime.

Time is money, so make your mobile device security the solution, not the problem.

Does your business have the right mobile security solutions in place? Take our mobile maturity assessment to learn more, or download our free guide on how to respond to mobile security breaches.

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Keith Fuentes is vice president of customer success within Samsung Electronics America’s B2B Mobile division. Keith works with enterprise customers and government agencies to ensure Samsung’s mobile devices meet the strictest standards for security while delivering a seamless and intuitive user experience. Prior to joining Samsung, Keith worked for VMware serving U.S. government accounts, and in sales and operations roles at Pointsec Mobile Technologies and Mobile Armor.

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