The Samsung 970 PRO is, simply put, the fastest non-server solid state drive (SSD) on the market. Built to provide fantastic capacity with no compromises on speed or throughput, it represents the peak of today’s SSD performance market.

Here’s a look at three different industries taking advantage of the 970 PRO, and how the speed and reliability of the drive enhance productivity for users. How does the form factor come into play, and how does the storage to total cost of ownership (TCO) ratio benefit the business?

Creative Industry

In a world where 4K video files, often gigabytes in length, are saved in many different iterations throughout composition and editing, a fast SSD is essential. The Samsung 970 PRO is the fastest nonenterprise drive available on the market, so a video workstation with one of these at the center of its storage infrastructure effectively can’t be beat.

The Samsung 970 PRO consists of NAND memory cells — where the data is stored — in 64 layers. These additional layers allow increased storage capacities and power without driving up costs, thanks to the stacked cell architecture. Since Samsung offers the 970 PRO in a model with 1TB capacity, you’ll have plenty of space for many versions of different 4K videos and audio tracks.

For example, one hour of raw H.265 1080 video is approximately 21 GB. This drive would allow storage of up to 47 hours of raw 4K content in a single TB drive.

Data Science and Machine Learning

As machine learning becomes more commonplace, data scientists build, train and deploy into production more and more models at increasing rates. Having a fast storage subsystem can accelerate the process from design to public release, even helping to inform speedy improvements.

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The SSD 970 PRO has an improved controller, which directs how data moves between the host system and the memory cells, and these improvements in the controller have given the drive a performance boost. Near the bottom of the device, the label includes a copper layer that acts as a heat spread and maintains consistent high speeds over the life of the drive.

Larger drive capacities also mean you can train models over a larger corpus of data to capture more edge cases and make models more accurate and predictive straight from the first train. The Samsung 970 PRO’s hardware encryption can also maintain the necessary levels of security and privacy when operating on personally identifiable information, and the consistent read and write speeds across the whole device won’t leave your highly paid data scientist waiting on a computer to finish an operation.

Software Development and Compilation

For developers, speed when compiling new applications — whether internal or external — is one of the keys to productivity. The less time a developer spends waiting for results, the more time they can continue to add value. The Samsung 970 PRO’s small M.2 form factor uses the PCIe NVMe interface to communicate with the PC. That channel is six times as wide as the traditional SATA interface, delivering 4x faster performance.

If your developer workstations have M.2 NVMe slots, sticking a 970 PRO in their machines will almost certainly offer the single best performance improvement you’ll find of any potential upgrade. In addition, the 970 PRO’s 2-bit triple-level cell (TLC) memory allows for better error tolerance and more “breathing room” between SSD cells, making rewrites less likely and extending the durability of the drive.

Broad Applications, Peak Performance

But it’s not just professionals in those types of industries that will love the 970 PRO. The five-year warranty delivered with each drive will impress any industry concerned with keeping the TCO of technology low, and the drive’s low power consumption will appeal to certain manufacturers and applications — your blazing storage doesn’t incur a huge power bill or draw a significant amount of battery power in environments where such capacity is limited.

The Samsung 970 PRO is a premium drive, operating at the maximum speed in the market today and married with Samsung’s legendary durability and reliability. No matter your industry, if you need blazing fast storage where performance is a concern, the 970 PRO deserves your consideration.

Find the SSD that best fits your specific business needs with this assessment. Looking to improve your drive endurance? Download this free white paper on over-provisioning for longer-lasting storage.

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