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How to Reduce Downtime and Increase Efficiency in Hazardous Work Areas

In remote and hazardous work areas, such as those in the oil and gas (O&G) and construction industries, productivity is severely cramped because of a lack of access to accurate information in real time. Intrinsically safe mobile devices that can stand up to these harsh and rugged environments have the potential to reboot the conversation and dramatically improve efficiencies across the board. Equally important, they provide a platform for field workers to leverage advanced technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and data analysis in real time, leading to a more connected and unified workforce.

Construction risk management and O&G safety regulations call for work equipment that must be able to withstand the hazardous environments they operate in. For years, because of these challenges, field workers in these industries have relied on paper or clunky laptops to record and attend to daily tasks.

Intrinsically safe devices, such as Pepperl+Fuchs’ Tab-Ex® 02 solution built on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2, mitigate preexisting industry problems. The Tab-Ex® 02 grants field workers the mobility, connectivity and data access they need to be efficient and keep uptime high.

Here’s how an intrinsically safe tablet can help.

1. Troubleshoots On-the-Go

The Pepperl+Fuchs intrinsically safe tablet features a gyroscope, which allows for 360-degree views needed to truly enable augmented reality applications. Remote field workers can now utilize smart assistance, where an expert can help them troubleshoot headaches while on the road.

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The remote video streaming that the Tab Active2 facilitates is a great collaboration tool that enables field workers on site to share pictures and status updates, and to receive diagnostic and repair instructions from an expert in real time.

2. Eliminates Phase Lag in Communication

Accurate and updated information is crucial for O&G safety and construction risk management. An intrinsically safe tablet allows field workers to access real-time data about on-the-ground situations that might be changing by the minute. Knowing where to dig or drill, for example, based on what has been done in the past few hours is valuable intelligence that can save a lot of wasted labor.

3. Enables Efficient Digital Task Management

Mobility eliminates the paper trail, which means less room for error when transcribing information. Use of an intrinsically safe tablet in remote hazardous areas also allows all field workers to stay on task. They can log in to proprietary systems and record work done, add pictures, update records and even request time off, all while on the road. Equally important, these devices come with Samsung Knox, a mobile device management (MDM) and security platform that containerizes private company data for extra layers of security. The purpose-driven features in these devices are meant for the tablets to function as reliable workhorses while keeping all safety features on.

With mobile devices, the work comes to the remote worker instead of the other way around, thereby greatly increasing uptime.

4. Delivers a Less Clunky Workstation

Hardbound manuals and paper are unwieldy, and difficult to bring to remote areas. The same applies to ruggedized laptops. The Pepperl+Fuchs solution is not just an intrinsically safe tablet that’s suitable for hazardous work areas, it’s also especially effective in remote ones. The tablet’s long battery life (up to 11 hours) means field workers can use it all day long (even while wearing gloves) and can have a portable solution within easy reach.

Pepperl+Fuchs’ Tab-Ex® 02 on the Tab Active2 is the ideal choice for field workers in hazardous zones. Its fast processor and high storage capacity, along with its high-quality camera, allow for efficient capture and manipulation of data while on site. The tablet’s computing power makes it a powerful ally through which workers can also leverage advanced technologies such as AR, VR and machine learning.

Construction risk management and O&G safety parameters necessitate efficiency while also mandating equipment that can function in dangerous conditions. The intrinsically safe device offers valuable opportunity for the O&G and construction industries where remote field workers need both reliable safety and reliable technology at their fingertips to maximize their productivity.

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