As an entrepreneur, not only am I always on the go, but my eyes are always looking for that next source of inspiration, and my hands busy jotting down my newest ideas. It’s not the easiest thing to do — juggling my calendar while perfecting a presentation and figuring out the best angle to tell a story. So, in 2017, when Samsung introduced the DeX platform as a way to extend your smartphone to the desktop, it’s like they had me in mind: the person who is trying to be the best they can be at the thing they do — and still live life — simply.

With Samsung DeX, I can take all the work I’ve done and ideas I’ve been capturing — and just connect to a monitor and work productively without a PC. With the launch of the Galaxy Note10, however, Samsung is making DeX even more versatile, allowing users to break down the barriers between their smartphone and their laptop with an app called DeX for PC.

Recently I had the opportunity to connect with Samsung’s Hamshy Raveendran who showed me how to unlock all the benefits DeX and DeX for PC have to offer. Read on for excerpts from our conversation, or watch the video Q&A above.

Natalie: For those who aren’t familiar with Samsung DeX, can you give us a quick primer on the standard setup?

Hamshy: Sure, DeX is short for “desktop experience,” and that’s exactly what it gives you: a desktop experience powered by your smartphone. You connect your Galaxy smartphone via an HDMI multiple adapter or cable to a monitor. You can also plug in a keyboard and mouse, or use Bluetooth accessories. You really have to try it to see how powerful the experience is. Resizable window, keyboard shortcuts, right mouse button click — it’s really just like you’d expect working on your PC, but all powered by your phone.

Natalie: You interact with a lot of businesses on a daily basis, big and small. Who is getting the most value out of Samsung DeX?

Hamshy: What we’ve found is that for organizations with highly mobile teams, Samsung DeX is a great fit. They are already using their smartphone as their primary computing device, and mobile apps are their core business tools. Now they can eliminate the laptop entirely by simply connecting their smartphone to a monitor when they have bigger reporting tasks to complete.

IT departments love it, too, because it lets them consolidate endpoints. In public safety, Samsung DeX has been adopted as an in-vehicle solution to replace the rugged laptop that is bolted into the squad car. In manufacturing, retail and hospital use cases, it allows facilities and retailers to replace the computer terminals and workstations with simple DeX setups.

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Natalie: So with the Galaxy Note10, Samsung has introduced a new way to use DeX on your PC. Can you tell us about that?

Hamshy: DeX for PC is really exciting. The original DeX was working on your phone without a PC; DeX for PC is about working on your phone with one. What’s really game-changing about this is you can use it on either a Windows PC or a Mac.

Natalie: That sounds great! How do you see users benefiting from DeX for PC?

Hamshy: It’s really about merging your PC and mobile for greater productivity. You might work most of the day on a laptop, but you’re constantly picking up your phone to check messages, notifications, your apps — LinkedIn and Instagram and mobile apps. You can now do all of that right here in your DeX for PC, so you won’t miss important messages and alerts — and you’re more productive at the end of the day.

Samsung DeX for PC also allows you to drag content between your smartphone and your PC. So for those of us that are always on the road, it’s simply easy now to drag and drop and share content across your phone and PC. Smartphones like the Note10 are so powerful today and offer so much potential.

Samsung DeX, and now DeX for PC, give you full flexibility to take full advantage of this on a larger screen. Samsung DeX is built for the new way that business is done.

Learn more about how the Galaxy Note10 can jump-start your mobile workers’ productivity. Just getting started with DeX? Make yourself an expert with our beginner’s guide.

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