With drivers working remotely across North America, Wisconsin-based freight company Paper Transport needed a way to improve communications and training across long distances.

They partnered with Samsung to install mobile tablets in more than 800 truck cabs, and the company and its drivers are now connected like never before. “Our purpose is to build a great place to work, and our number one challenge in fulfilling that purpose is being able to connect with every one of our remote drivers out there,” said Paper Transport Vice President Ben Schill. “The Samsung tablet has really enabled us to fulfill some of those goals of connecting with our workforce.”

Engaging and Retaining Drivers With Mobility

Peter Covach, director of information technology at Paper Transport, said that communications is critical to Paper Transport’s success. “Having engaged employees leads to retention. They want to stay. They want to continue to develop and invest in Paper Transport. The number one thing the Samsung tablet has enabled us to do is reach a disconnected workforce. Being able to set up meetings where drivers and driver managers can have, in the cab of the truck, a face-to-face session and coach them through — this has really enabled our driver managers to take that even further and understand the emotions and where the drivers are coming from based on that communication.”

Increase Fleet Efficiencies With In-Cab Technology

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Paper Transport is also using the mobile tablets to push training to drivers in the field using their learning management system (LMS) software. “With LMS software, now the drivers are able to get training remotely, reducing the time it takes to enable a new driver,” said David Solomonraj, director of business development for transportation, logistics and retail at Samsung Electronics America.

Samsung Tablets Make Device Management Easy

A company like Paper Transport can manage its Samsung tablets remotely using device management software. “One of the major considerations for us from a safety perspective was whether or not we could lock down the tablet when the wheels were in motion,” said Schill. “Working with Samsung and our other providers, we were able to develop that solution so that there are only a couple of key pieces of information that are available to that driver while the truck is in motion, so we relieve ourselves from some of that safety risk.”

“Paper Transport putting in a scalable and flexible solution with Samsung has really enabled them to be more productive in the field,” said Solomonraj. “It has improved communications. They’re also now futureproof — they can push future applications and services to that driver that’s always in the field, and keep them connected to the overall company.”

Learn more about the strides in productivity Paper Transport has made in this in-depth case study. For more information about improving your fleet performance with mobile technology, read our free white paper.

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