One of the most exciting moments for me at this year’s Samsung Developer Conference was hearing from executives such as Taher Behbehani about the growth and innovation in the B2B landscape.

There are a few trends driving B2B growth: the number of devices connected to the internet — from phones to tablets to wearables; the deployment of private, secure networks in regulated industries such as finance and healthcare; and the increased number of apps that are on those devices.

Developers are a crucial part of this growth as well.

“Samsung is empowering developers in two ways,” said Carolina Milanesi, a top industry analyst. “One is by allowing them to reach all of the consumers they have on their platform — not just from a smartphone perspective, but from a smart goods perspective.”

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It’s not just about building for mobile. It’s about thinking through the ecosystem about how these apps will look, feel and operate — from your television to your smart fridge.

The second thing that Milanesi touched on was scale.

“Scale for users is important,” she said. “And tied to that is monetization.”

Samsung is known for its devices, but developers should be aware of the resources available to them as well.

Morgan Parker, product strategy manager from Samsung R&D Canada, touched upon the Knox Partner Program. Programs like this one provide technical support and access to partners that can help create better enterprise-ready apps. And most importantly, they’re free.

After an exciting week in San Jose, I can’t wait to see what this community is able to create in the years to come!

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