Trying to think of the perfect gift to give your employees or high-value customers this holiday season? One that will delight while also fitting into your budget and reminding them of your business? Consider a smartwatch. It’s a modern, thoughtful and practical gift that will not only feel special to employees and customers, but can also provide benefits for your business.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, for instance, offers personal health and productivity benefits. These include the ability to track a number of health indicators like workouts, heartrate and hours of sleep as well as by providing a hands-free way to check SMS messages and emails and get alerts about upcoming meetings or calls. This can shave seconds off of checking every text or email received, which can add up to a lot of time over a single year.

While your employees will love these benefits of a smartwatch, they can also benefit your business. Focusing on employee health and wellness has been shown to have a high impact on employee engagement, recruitment, retention and company culture, according to a survey from Virgin Pulse as reported in HR Dive. Similarly, when employees save time on tasks like checking messages, it lets them spend more time on other important work matters.

Finally, another compelling aspect of giving a smartwatch as a holiday gift is that it can be customized to match your brand or support a business initiative. Here’s a look at two ways you can do this.

Create a Branded Smartwatch Face

A simple and easy way to make a smartwatch a more personalized gift while providing a reminder of your company is to brand the watch face. Using Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Designer, creating a new branded watchface is easy. This includes using your color scheme, featuring your company’s logo, and incorporating specific information on the watch face.

Customize Wearables in the Workplace

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For instance, Viceroy Hotels and Resorts, a full-service lifestyle luxury hotel brand, customized Samsung smartwatches for their employees. As part of the branding of the smartwatch, they chose to feature their logo, notifications, and battery and Wi-Fi indicators on its face.

Develop a Unique App for Your Business

You can also turn your smartwatch holiday gifts into a “gift that keeps on giving.” By developing a unique app that ties to your business and preloading it on the smartwatches you gift, you can increase productivity for employees and your business in a way that also helps you meet a business goal. For customers, it can provide a reminder of your business that they’ll interact with on a daily basis.

For example, if your business is customer-facing, like retail or hospitality, you can develop an app that could deliver customer updates in real time to floor staff, such as a menu item being sold out, so that your staff can deliver a better customer experience by always having the correct information when speaking with customers.

For internal purposes, you could develop a new digital workflow application, such as one that lets employees alert maintenance when a machine is down on the factory line with a simple press of a button on the watch. This type of app can improve maintenance response times, reduce downtime and boost overall employee productivity.

By using Samsung’s Knox Configure, you can preload your app on a whole fleet on smartwatches with zero-touch. This means you can simply hand out the smartwatches and, when the employees take them out of the box and boot up, they will automatically sync with your Knox Configure profile.

The Sky’s the Limit

When it comes to how you can personalize your holiday smartwatch gifts to meet employee and business goals — the sky is truly the limit. The latest iterations of the Galaxy Watch line offer an unprecedented number of use cases and opportunities for businesses in many verticals, including public safety, manufacturing, hospitality and financing.

And, developing an app isn’t as hard as it may sound. Samsung offers an open-source software development kit (SDK) tool for its Tizen-based wearables. Tizen allows developers to use HTML5 and other web technologies to write applications that run on supported devices, making development cycles shorter and lowering the cost of app development.

Learn how companies in a variety of industries are leveraging smartwatches for real-time data and communications in this video. Ready to order your employees smartwatches this holiday season and start customizing them to fit your business? Let us help you get started.

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