As 2019 comes to a close, many C-suite executives are already well into their 2020 business planning. At this year’s Samsung Developer Conference (SDC), I had the chance to speak with experts from many different industries about the biggest challenges they expect to face in the coming years.

For Greg Albrecht, founder and CEO of Orion Labs, a voice-activated business communications company that serves the manufacturing, field services and energy industries, real-time communication is one of the number one pain points. A mobile workforce can be much harder to get in touch with, even if you know where they are.

“It’s about putting the data they need in their hands, when they need it,” Albrecht said. “How can we enable them and make them more effective?”

And with more devices connected to the internet than ever before, security is not a buzzword; it’s paramount to bottom-line success.

“Security is top of mind to any business across the globe,” said technology analyst Carolina Milanesi. She touched on the proliferation of internet of things (IoT) devices, sensors and wearables, adding that “these [devices] represent an opportunity but also represent a threat as far as making sure that data is kept secure and private.”

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Fellow technology analyst Patrick Moorhead agreed. It’s not just about the number of devices or that many of these devices exist in silos on separate ecosystems and do not communicate with each other. The real obstacles come from who is using these devices — actual human beings.

“Most of the intrusions that come into the enterprise are based on devices that were exploited one way or the other,” Moorhead added.

With tools like Samsung Knox, businesses are able to protect who can access what data, where they access it and even how that information is shared. “Samsung Knox is not only, more and more, providing that security but providing an easier way to actually deploy it,” said Mike Feibus, analyst and founder of FeibusTech.

As a small business owner who serves dozens of clients each month, I’m personally looking forward to integrating new technologies and devices to make the most of my workstreams — and deliver the best results to customers.

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