Many employees today have multiple monitors — and a tangled mess of wires connecting them all together. By daisy chaining USB Type-C-outfitted monitors, you can eliminate several peripherals, such as additional power cords, dongles and docking stations. This allows for a cleaner, easier-to-manage workstation.

Monitors with USB Type-C ports provide an easy connection to any PC or mobile device with a USB Type-C port, so you can create an instant workstation. Your mobile device will be charged, and several peripherals can be plugged directly into the monitor.

Which Monitor Is Best for Your Workstation?

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Samsung’s daisy chain-enabled monitors, such as the Samsung SH850 Series, support connection with up to four Full HD monitors — or two quad HD (QHD) monitors with a single connection between them — eliminating the need to connect each one to a PC. Plus, you can extend your desktop with multistream transport (MST) or duplicate it with single-stream transport (SST) technology for a versatile computing solution that meets all your work demands.

Explore the evolution of desktop monitors in this informative infographic, or learn about monitor color technology and refresh rates in our free white paper.

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