The desire to make meaningful connections and to stay productive are constants in a world of change. Our mobile devices need to be ready to help us stay in touch with what matters most and give us new ways to work and play.

On August 5, 2020, Samsung unveiled their latest ecosystem of Galaxy devices designed to empower your life. Watch the full, action-packed replay of the event above, or read on for highlights of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra devices, announced at the event. And don’t forget to stay tuned to this space for more mobile productivity tips and future device announcements.

Key moments from the Galaxy Unpacked event

(0:38:50) “We know these are challenging times and people are depending on technology more than they ever have before. Technology can help empower you in these times of adversity so that you can live every moment to the fullest.” —TM Roh, President & Head of Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics

(0:41:30) “I am very proud to announce our new Notes: the Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra. Mobile phones so powerful that they work like a computer and play like a gaming console.” —TM Roh, President & Head of Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics

(0:44:57) “With everything we do on our phones these days, the display is really important. The Note20 has a 6.7-inch screen and the Note20 Ultra has the largest smartphone display yet in our Note series at 6.9 inches. The display is the most vivid and the brightest you can find on a smartphone today. It gives great visibility indoors and outdoors.” —Mary Lee, Strategy & Partnership, Samsung Electronics

(0:45:48) “The Note can keep up with busy multitasking lifestyles. It delivers the best of power and the best of productivity. Note20 and Note20 Ultra have the fastest processors in the Galaxy series. Advanced chipsets combined with our intelligent all-day battery give you the power to last. And if you’re ever running low, you can get more than 50 percent charge in just 30 minutes. That’s staying power you can count on.” —Mary Lee, Strategy & Partnership, Samsung Electronics

(0:54:11) “In the end, we’ve reduced the latency to 9 milliseconds, moving the S Pen one step closer to the natural feeling of writing on paper.” —Byunghoon Kang, Display R&D

(1:07:05) “I’m excited to announce that we’re making your notes and reminders easily accessible and in some of your favorite Microsoft apps on your computer — for example, by syncing your Samsung Notes with your OneNote feed. Your hand-drawn sketch on your Galaxy Note20 will be available on different PC experiences like Outlook on the web. From here, sharing your idea is as easy as copying and pasting.” —Phillip McClure, Productivity Experiences, Microsoft

(1:08:32) “Now the Your Phone app is about to get even better. I’m excited to announce the new Apps feature, which gives you access to your Android apps on your Note20 directly from your PC. Now you’ll be able to combine the benefits of running a mobile app on your Galaxy Note20 — like the familiar look and feel and not having to log in again — with your PC’s screen, keyboard and mouse.” —Phillip McClure, Productivity Experiences, Microsoft

(1:19:07) “I noticed you used Samsung DeX. I love that it now connects wirelessly. I connect my Tab to my TV often too.” —Adrian Wilson, Customer Relationship Marketing, Samsung Electronics

“Yeah, and now I can use my phone while using my TV as a second screen with DeX. This is great because I’m always multitasking. It’s perfect for switching back and forth between work and play.” —Mary Lee, Strategy & Partnership, Samsung Electronics

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