Is the hybrid workplace working? Unequivocally, yes. Is it perfect? No, but in the face of adversity, we’ve found new ways to work effectively, and the ability to adapt to the “new normal.”

However, it is a little more complicated. While the hybrid workplace delivers many benefits, it also presents challenges. It creates complexities and concerns for business leaders — especially small and midsize business (SMB) owners — such as hiring new talent, keeping the team productive and collaborating while securing your business data. These are just some of the challenges that need to be addressed to succeed both today, and in the future of hybrid work that lies ahead.

In designing our new Galaxy S22 series, headlined by Galaxy S22 Ultra, we listened to the priorities of SMB leaders, and recognized their teams’ needs. We’ve identified pain points, and applied lessons from years past to help mobilize the hybrid workplace. Together with our business customers, we’re working to put the next generation of mobile technology in motion.

Here are a few areas in which the all-new S22 series excels.

Improving productivity

In Techaisle’s survey of the “Top 10 SMB and Midmarket business issues, IT priorities and challenges for 2022,” SMBs listed improving workforce productivity as a key business issue.

But isn’t the hybrid workplace shown in studies to boost employee morale and, in turn, productivity? Yes — but again, the full picture is a bit more complicated. The hybrid workplace does improve productivity, but can also add other complexities into daily workflows.

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Flexibility provides benefits to employees, that’s clear — but something else that has become clear is that the devices employees use to stay connected and productive are more important than ever. Business leaders and their teams need a device that lets them work productively and more effectively on the go. And when they set up at a workstation, whether at home or the office, the transition from mobile to desktop will ideally be frictionless with a bridge like Samsung DeX.

Enabling collaboration

Our mobile devices keep us more connected than ever, but they don’t always lend themselves to real-time collaboration for business. Oftentimes, we may find ourselves waiting until we get to a workstation to jump on a video call, or open a document. Galaxy S22 Ultra helps rewrite that story with the embedded S Pen — a stylus that is highly effective to mark up a document, make notes, edit slides, grab text and share the latest and greatest version of what’s in progress with just a few taps. Meanwhile, the full-day battery, brilliant screen and our best camera system ever — features included across the S22 series — bring video calling capabilities and more along with you, wherever your day may lead.

The S22 series comes with Microsoft and Google integration, answering two of the top three IT priorities in the Techaisle survey — cloud access and collaboration — with a mobile device that has business productivity features natively integrated. (We’ll talk about the number one IT priority shortly.) We continue to optimize the Microsoft Office experience, and with the S Pen you can create documents, and collaborate across the cloud more easily, right from your phone. The S22 series also features live sharing, powered by Google Duo. Duo’s live sharing will first support collaboration on Jamboard, group notetaking in Samsung Notes and image sharing through the Gallery app. You can also watch live video, together — even while apart.

Streamlining workflows

One person getting work done is one thing. An entire organization working fluidly is another thing altogether. When everyone is working in the office, it’s relatively easy to hide workflow hindrances. With employees working remotely, seemingly small inefficiencies can become noticeable weaknesses that breed daily frustration. The acceleration of the hybrid workplace forced business owners to retool their systems and processes so that everyone can access everything from anywhere. As a result, we have a pivotal opportunity to make our workflows more mobile-friendly, if not mobile-focused.

Ensuring security

Migrating to modern IT is the top IT challenge uncovered in the Techaisle survey, ranking alongside improving Security solutions as the top IT priority. Mobile device management comes in second on a separate list for adoption growth.

Retrofitting a surface-level mobile strategy to outdated technology infrastructure can leave your IT team hamstrung in keeping your business protected from cyber threats. For example, employees using older smartphones might not be able to run important security updates. Meanwhile, IT staff can’t properly monitor those vulnerable devices.

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If you are finding yourself investing in a hybrid workplace model, it’s time to upgrade to new devices rather than patch up old ones. All S22 series devices include defense-grade Samsung Knox so you’re protected against intrusion, malware and malicious threats from the chip up.

Not only does Knox come built-in, but these devices also provide access to Knox Manage — an MDM platform that is flexible and intuitive enough to help support device rollouts of any size, from the earliest stage startups with only a few employees, on upward to large enterprises.

Staying a step ahead

Dr. TM Roh, President and Head of MX Business at Samsung, gives an enlightening history lesson on how we got to where we are today with the release of the S22 series. More importantly, he speaks to why Samsung keeps pushing the boundaries of smartphones for business.

“It’s not enough for mobile innovation to just evolve with the world,” Dr. Roh says. “We have to be a step ahead, so our technology can help transform the way we experience everything around us and make our lives easier.”

It’s not just a phone you’re looking for. It’s a solution. A difference maker. A game-changer. We’re staying a step ahead so you can, too.

Pre-order Galaxy S22 now and get a $200 instant credit per device towards eligible devices and accessories. Plus, enjoy exclusive volume pricing, bulk trade-in discounts, free shipping and more with a Samsung Business Account.

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