Advancements in performance, network connectivity and sheer versatility would be more than enough to explain the growing popularity of tablets among businesses. When you consider how everyday work is changing, though, it’s no longer a question of whether companies will want to equip their teams with these connected, multipurpose devices. It’s a question of giving employees the best model to meet their specific business needs.

According to research from IDC, for example, more than half of U.S. enterprises have at least 50 percent of their employees working remotely. As they do so, TechRadar has reported that 80 percent of workers feel that larger displays increase their productivity. People want the portability of tablets, but also a PC-like experience, with superior battery life and extra functionality, like the ability to take notes.

Simultaneously, companies are also taking into account the myriad scenarios in which their employees will have to stay connected on the go and use essential business applications. Research from Deloitte suggested a desire for increased productivity and efficiency is the No. 1 reason many firms are investing in both Wi-Fi 6 and 5G.

Tab S8 with accessories

Meet the Galaxy Tab S8 lineup

Samsung designed the latest Galaxy Tab S devices with all these business uses in mind, starting with key features that are common across all three devices.

This includes a next-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that offers our most powerful and fastest performance yet, two-in-one functionality with a keyboard and Samsung DeX, plus enterprise-grade security and management through Samsung Knox.

Choosing which device works for your business might start by thinking through the connectivity needs of your team members. Both the Tab S8 and S8 Ultra offer Wi-Fi 6E, for instance, which will provide access to business apps and data wherever there’s a wireless network. The Tab S8+ 5G will let employees continue working without interruption wherever they are, including remote sites or while they’re in their vehicle.

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Next, think through the everyday tasks an employee or team tends to focus on, and how they collaborate. The Tab S8 will work well for those whose jobs require extreme portability, while those focused on content creation might need the larger screen of the S8 Ultra.

Another way to make the right choice is by aligning your Tab S8 device with the specific use cases of the industry or vertical market in which you operate. Read on to explore a few examples based on some common business segments.

S8 Ultra

Galaxy S8 Ultra

  • A larger screen compared to the S8 and S8+, ideal for employees who need room for note-taking and multitasking
  • Support for high-bandwidth business apps and remote work with Wi-Fi 6E
  • An 11,200mAh long-life battery to keep employees productive

Boasting a 14.6-inch display that rivals many laptops, the S8 Ultra offers the space necessary to communicate or visualize complex ideas and collaborate with co-workers and customers.

This extra real estate is valuable for any multitasker. Like all devices in the Tab S8 lineup, the S8 Ultra offers diverse multiview layouts which you can adjust based on the kind of experience you need. Workers can display product or solution options to a client or internal team while simultaneously checking inventory levels — ensuring that whatever is being presented can also be delivered on deadline.

The S8 Ultra’s 120Hz sAMOLED display offers the color and quality to see products as though customers were standing in front of them in real life. As more companies explore technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), the S8 Ultra’s front-facing ultra-wide camera is ideal for offering a highly immersive digital experience.

Samsung DeX provides the ability to display presentations on an even larger screen. Each new Tab S8 also includes the responsive S Pen, which has near-zero latency and lets the associate take notes as though using pen and paper. Illustrate a concept for your team or bring an abstract idea to life for your client. Sketch out your next masterpiece. Write a note longhand and automatically convert it to text.

Finally, the S8 Ultra allows employees to work at home, on site and anywhere else via Wi-Fi 6E. That kind of connectivity ensures support for high-bandwidth apps. A retailer could offer a purchasing app through the tablet, for example, to assist a customer through their entire shopping journey.

S8 +

Galaxy Tab S8+ and Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G

  • Flexible connectivity with 5G for employees working in remote sites or while on the move
  • A 12.4-inch screen offers enough real estate to tap into productivity features such as multiple windows
  • True PC-like capabilities with Office 365 integration and the ability to connect to a keyboard

Imagine an insurance agent visiting the site of an accident and compiling an incident report. They need to capture information about damages and other details quickly and accurately, and to share the data to colleagues back at the office. This is an example of where the Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G may become the preferable version for some businesses, as it brings flexible connectivity thanks to 5G capability.

In the healthcare sector, teams working in hospitals, clinics and beyond can feel confident about managing complex medical applications and data, including patient charts and X-rays, thanks to the Tab S8+’s processor.

With a 12.4-inch screen, the Tab S8+ 5G gives mobile workers both the real estate and the performance they need to be productive, including a long-life battery and up to 1TB of expandable memory. Continuity with the rest the Galaxy ecosystem means it’s easy to transfer information from one Galaxy device to another. A healthcare worker could connect to desktop systems at a clinic, for example, to schedule followup appointments or additional testing.

You can also connect the Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G to a keyboard, and use DeX in a vehicle. For our fictional insurance agent, this means they can move from the scene of an incident to their car and make more detailed notes while enjoying flawless connectivity to their applications over 5G.


Galaxy Tab S8

  • The most lightweight Tab S8 device with an 11-inch screen
  • Wi-Fi 6E connectivity allows the team to work at the office, at home or wherever there’s a wireless network
  • The same next-generation processors as the Tab S8+ and S8 Ultra drive premium performance for anyone on the team
  • An ideal device for digitizing business and replacing backend paper-based processes

There are hardly any jobs left where mobile devices like tablets aren’t offering a compelling alternative to traditional business processes.

Especially in this age of remote and hybrid work, devices that enable effective work from wherever employees may be based — and connectivity among your team — are more important than ever before.

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For example, transportation firms can turn to the Tab S8 for ticketing and check-in or to complete a security assessment. Financial institutions are reimagining the branch experience by arming employees with devices like the Tab S8 to offer enhanced customer service and account management.

In all these cases, the S8’s 11-inch screen and lightweight body provide the portability they need, along with Office 365 integration and an 8,000mAh battery to take them through their entire day.

As they continue to accelerate their digital transformation journeys, the Galaxy Tab S8 portfolio will allow businesses to augment the effectiveness of their PCs and related systems with devices that were purpose-built for multitaskers on the go. And instead of just one option, they’ll be able to choose from three different versions to ensure everyone has the best device for their job.

Ready to switch to a tablet, but not sure the Tab S8 is the right choice for you? Take this free, quick assessment to match your business needs with the ideal tool for the job. And see how you can get the most out of Samsung DeX on your Galaxy tablet.

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