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How to use Nearby Share on your Galaxy smartphone

Nearby Share is a new Android file sharing solution that makes it easy to share content device-to-device. You can share large files between Galaxy devices as well as some other Android phones, with Google stating that the feature will eventually roll out to all phones running Android 6.0 or later.

Since Nearby Share uses device-to-device protocols, it lets you to transfer content without a cellular to Wi-Fi connection. When transferring content, Nearby Share automatically chooses the best protocol for speed and efficiency, whether it’s Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy or Wi-Fi Direct.

Nearby Share also supports file transfers via Ultra-Wideband (UWB), a next-gen connectivity protocol featured on the new Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Thanks to UWB, which incorporates spatial awareness, you can just point and share. Think of UWB as continuously scanning radar that can lock onto an object, glean its location and communicate with it.

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Nearby Share allows Samsung Galaxy users to share content with other Android devices nearby instead of emailing or texting them. While you can’t blast files to everyone nearby, you can share with anyone in your contact list. Files like videos, photos and documents will work with Nearby Share, as will links and social media posts.

How to use Nearby Share on your Galaxy smartphone

  1. Open your quick settings panel by swiping downward from the top of the screen.
  2. Long-press Nearby Share.
  3. Enable Nearby Share by toggling it on.
  4. Tap Device Visibility. Here, you can choose to share with all of your contacts or select them individually.NOTE: The person you wish to share with will also need to activate Nearby Share on their phone.
  5. Now, when you’d like to share content from an app, you can just tap the Share icon. Nearby Share will appear at the top of the Share screen.
  6. Choose the contact you’d like to share content with and point at their phone. A blue circle will appear around your contact’s name when you point at them.
  7. Tap your contact’s name to start transferring.NOTE: To receive the file, your contact must tap Accept on their device. Received files can be found in the Notifications menu.

File sharing that saves time and resources

Whether you’re in the field or in the boardroom, sharing a large file with a co-worker or client doesn’t have to be a hassle. No longer do you have to fire up your email and hope the file limit isn’t exceeded, or set up sharing permissions on a file-sharing service. Nearby Share is a huge time saver, a more efficient way to share and receive content, device-to-device.

With the point-to-share experience on the Note20 Ultra, Nearby Share also provides a first hint at the enormous potential of UWB on smart devices. In the future, UWB technology will allow us to provide automated, intuitive connections, helping to locate tagged objects, enhancing Augmented Reality (AR) apps, and securing vehicles, buildings and houses.

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