If you’re an SMB owner or entrepreneur, take a minute to recognize how impressive of a feat that is in and of itself today. It means you’ve navigated a lot these past few years. From going fully remote almost overnight, or continuing operations through uncertainty and making pivotal decisions on when and how to respond — only then to face supply chain issues and labor shortages — you continue to overcome every challenge the world throws your way.

At this juncture, you likely realize how important technology is for business continuity and resilience. You also probably have a handle on the technology you need to succeed in a hybrid work model — but have you thought about the role of your smartphone in the evolving landscape? Your phone is attached to your hip, if not your hand. It’s time to expect and demand something greater. And with Galaxy Z Fold4, Samsung’s newest foldable, you can.

Samsung has pioneered the foldable form factor, and we continue to refine it for business users to make the most of the expansive display, PC-like features and innovative design. Here’s how Galaxy Z Fold4 will elevate virtually every aspect of your business day.

1. True mobile productivity

Business owners and executives lead busy lives. When you’re working, it’s with a purpose — to get work done and continually check items off your to-do list. Traditional smartphones are great for staying connected but not necessarily built for full-on productivity. You need ultra-efficiency. Only being able to see one app at a time is a serious slowdown; toggling between apps could easily be adding up to hours of your week.

Galaxy Z Fold4’s Multi-Active Windows allow you to split the 7.6-inch foldable screen and work in up to three apps at once. You can launch apps from the Edge Panel or the new taskbar, which are easily accessible and completely customizable. You can even create your own app pairings for one-tap launch. It’s the updated version of “work smarter, not harder.”

2. Better collaboration

Mobile devices are no longer just for checking and responding to emails. You need to be able to edit files in the cloud, share presentations, jump on video calls and multitask on the go.

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Ever seen someone try to video chat in transit while taking notes and viewing a presentation? People with standard smartphones usually don’t even try — or, if they do, they’re fumbling all over the place.

When you’re at home, the office or anywhere else you can find a flat surface, Galaxy Z Fold4 offers another unique advantage: Flex Mode. Folded at a 90-degree angle, Galaxy Z Fold4 stands up on its own, enabling hands-free videoconferencing with a crystal clear and stable camera, embedded under the display. Hand-talkers rejoice.

You can then split the bottom of the screen to take notes with the optional S Pen, view a slide deck or edit a document in real time. And with the integrated, optimized Microsoft Office suite, Word, PowerPoint and Excel on Galaxy Z Fold4 closely resemble the desktop versions rather than the condensed mobile versions. There’s no more need to wait until you’re by the computer to attend to a task.

3. Device consolidation

More technology doesn’t always equate to better productivity. In fact, most people could stand to travel lighter to and from the hybrid workplace. One of the most powerful features of Galaxy Z Fold4 is Samsung DeX. It essentially transforms your phone into a pocket-sized PC, just by wirelessly connecting to any Miracast-enabled monitor or Smart TV.

DeX isn’t just screen mirroring; your Galaxy Z Fold4 is powering a desktop computing experience, and the device can be freed up for separate use by pairing a keyboard and mouse. DeX is a gateway to the ultimate device consolidation with Galaxy Z Fold4 — one device that can do it all. Fewer devices to manage means fewer security concerns, as well as potential cost savings for your business.

Check out the subreddit devoted to Samsung DeX to learn how users are doing more with their Galaxy phones.

4. Company culture

There are many factors at play when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent for your business, some factors that you can control and some you can’t. One factor you can control is your company culture, with technology being a driving force. Top talent expects the best tech — and the best tech today is compact, not complex. Telling candidates and employees that you offer Galaxy Z Fold4 as a Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) option is a major flex for both recruiting and retention, which can instantly put your business in the upper echelon of technology-enabled workplaces.

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Galaxy Z Fold4 can contribute to your company culture in countless other ways. Everything you want in your workplace is enabled by this device, from connectivity and collaboration to creativity, productivity and flexibility.

And for businesses that are looking for something more compact, there’s Galaxy Z Flip4, which delivers all the productivity of a traditional Galaxy smartphone in an innovative form factor that folds to half the size.

5. Durability and privacy

Are foldables durable enough for business? The answer is yes. Galaxy Z Fold4’s predecessor, Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, performed extremely well in dunk, drop and screen tests. As Samsung’s engineers continue to make strides in durability, Galaxy Z Fold4 has been even further fortified, without sacrificing the stylish design. Galaxy Z Fold4 is water- and scratch-resistant, with an armor-aluminum-reinforced frame. Everyday use won’t wear down the hinge, either.

Galaxy Z Fold4 also supports corporate values around security with Samsung Knox protection and the convenient Privacy Dashboard.

Keep your business running day in and day out knowing you can unfold next-level productivity anywhere, anytime, and be a tech-forward leader poised to define the hybrid workplace of the future.

Sign up for a Samsung Business Account to get exclusive offers, including volume pricing discounts, on Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 today. And as you set up your new device, make sure you secure the personal and work data on your mobile phone using this free guide.

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