VenueConnect is a wrap! Late last month, the Prismview team traveled to Chicago to exhibit at the IAVM VenueConnect Annual Conference and Trade Show 2019. We hope all attendees saw some great products and gained valuable insight you brought back home. For those of you who weren’t there, below are some highlights of the event.

Over 2,000 public venue professionals and managers attended the show at the McCormick Place Convention Center. There, attendees were able to connect, network and strategize about how to integrate the latest technology products into modern venues. The trade show held over 100 education sessions throughout the city — some in the convention center and other small “Boot Camp” sessions took place at venues across the city.

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As exhibitors, we were able to connect with senior-level venue executives, project managers and other IAVM VenueConnect attendees. We were inspired by the visions of venue owners and gained insights into the challenges managers are facing as they integrate new technology into their space.

Venues need flexibility

At the Prismview booth, attendees were greeted by our brand-new Ascent Portable LED display. It was the perfect show to debut this new product because versatility is essential when designing well-integrated venues. Attendees were looking for products they can use for an event and then bring to a different space with minimal hassle.

With a setup time of three minutes, the Ascent fills the niche for those looking for high-quality displays that are applicable for multiple purposes. Similar products on the market either aren’t entirely portable or don’t have the professional look of a static screen. Most attendees who saw the Ascent in action thought it was a fixed installation, so we held in-booth demos to show just how quick the setup process is. The takeaway is clear: Flexible (and portable!) products are essential for venue managers.

Education sessions matter

One Prismview team member got a chance to sit in on some of the educational sessions offered at VenueConnect. Kevin Izatt, a product manager at Prismview, found that training is helpful for both attendees and exhibitors.

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“I sat in on part of a session going on in the exhibit hall and it gave me excellent insight about the thought-process of different customer bases,” he said. “I find that they’re far more open in those types of environments rather than if we were to go and ask them directly.”

To learn about customer pain-points and the problems they’re aiming to solve, there’s no better place than targeted, industry trade shows.

For example, we learned that LED displays are better to use in sport training facilities than projector images because players often nod off or fall asleep in dark rooms. Therefore, the brightness offered by LED technology makes it an ideal solution to keep viewers alert for extended periods. These use case scenarios brought life to our displays and gave us insight as to how we can better offer solutions, not products. Education sessions are a time for exhibitors and attendees to network and learn how they can help one another design better spaces.

Bridging the gap

That’s all for IAVM 2019! Again, thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at the VenueConnect trade show. We hope you all left with a head full of ideas about how to integrate LED displays into your venue or event space.

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