LED signs have long been considered the captivating, attention-grabbing tools of enterprise corporations. Historically linked to sports stadiums, Hollywood blockbuster releases, big-box anchor stores and the like, these premium signs, with their corresponding price tags, might seem well out of reach for the average small-business owner.

But thanks to advances that have streamlined production, high-quality, commercial-grade LED signs are now finding their way into the windows of independent retailers, individual bars and restaurants, local banks and other small businesses. Suddenly affordable and accessible, a well-placed LED sign enables the businesses that anchor our communities to keep customers engaged, informed and entertained.

Entice foot traffic, especially if you rely on neighborhood business

Gaining the attention of new customers. Holding the loyalty of existing customers. These are challenges every business faces, but it’s particularly true of those whose reach and resources are specifically limited.

But when your business relies on local residents, frequent commuters, visiting passersby and other foot traffic, it becomes even more crucial to (literally) stop them in their tracks.

“Every passerby is a potential customer,” says Jeff Van Houten, a Prismview Territory Sales Director. “If a small business is letting people pass by without making them aware they exist, that is a potential missed sale.”

For a small business, it’s imperative to captivate a neighborhood likely to tune them out. For example, instead of a static sign, use of a dynamic LED display can promote exciting products and enticing deals.

“When a sign changes, you feel compelled to ask yourself, ‘What is this new thing all about?'” says Van Houten. “The signs that change are the ones you pay attention to.” Once you’ve captured their attention, you can deliver timely content and entice them to visit your business.

Maximize ROI of your digital display

Create visuals with ease, or use ones you already own

Deciding to invest in an LED sign is only the beginning. It’s important to engage passersby with great content, too. With Prismview’s Creative Engine software, it’s easy to create eye-catching, professional-grade LED content. The software enables you to upload customized graphics from pre-designed templates without the need for expensive creative services or your own in-house team.

You can then schedule your content to go live, up to months in advance. For example, a bar can showcase happy hour drink deals, just before happy hour. A restaurant can advertise daily specials, on the morning of each featured dish. If you wrote a clever caption for Valentine’s Day in the sweltering heat of July, you can add it to your program, and schedule it to publish February 1.

“A sign gives everyone the first impression of the business,” says Mitch Spencer, Product Marketer for Prismview. “With Creative Engine, it’s really easy to build creative and timely content for your display that looks great.”

With modern technology, LED visuals are only limited by your imagination, making these displays versatile tools in the hands of creative small business owners.

Keep your property filled

For owners of multi-tenant properties, LED signs provide a unique opportunity for all stakeholders. In addition to increasing curb appeal for the entire property, LED signs also enhance business visibility, drawing foot traffic in from the street. As a consequence, owners can charge more for their space.

“A landlord can actually generate additional revenue through providing greater tenant exposure,” Spencer noted. “These displays provide great ROI, and that money can go right back into maintenance and upkeep.”

When changes occur, sign content can easily be switched out, store directories can be updated, and individual entries swapped out, in seconds. Tenants, landlords, and customers all benefit.

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Diminish upfront costs with flexible financing

Even with today’s streamlined costs, many small businesses still think LED signs are too much of a luxury for them, based on cash flow constraints. It’s true: with acquisition costs around $30,000, LED signs can still be a significant expenditure.

On the other hand, research has shown that when used correctly, the increased patronage a sign generates can pay for itself in just a few short years. What’s more, many sign companies, including Prismview, offer robust financing plans to ease upfront expenditures.

Often, small business owners are concerned that an LED sign will increase energy costs, too. But actually, LEDs are extremely energy efficient: An LED sign can cost less than $2 a day to run. All of Prismview’s LED signs adhere to California’s energy guidelines, which are the most rigorous in the U.S.

“People have this perception that it will be an energy hog, but an LED sign runs on less energy than a hairdryer,” Spencer quipped.

Realize real-world results

With today’s information overload, the competition for attention is at a record high. In this landscape, it’s important to stand out, or risk being overlooked.

Drive ROI for your small business with the latest LED technology.

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