Center-hung displays have become a mark of status among professional sports teams, each competing to unveil the biggest and best displays in their arenas. Until recently, show-stopping center-hung boards were out of reach for smaller organizations and minor league teams. Enter the Samsung Indoor IF Series LED Video Display.

A new installation at the Scotiabank Centre in Halifax is breaking barriers and opening doors for smaller franchises to upgrade their venues, improve fan experiences and boost hometown pride.

Samsung and Prismview recently teamed up to innovate a center-hung solution using the Indoor IF Series, and the results are major-league. This giant features four main screens, four corner wedges and an upper and lower ring. Here are the official specs:

  • Four main screens
    • 6-millimeter pixel pitch
    • 18 feet, 11 inches wide by 10 feet, 8 inches high
  • Corner wedges
    • 6-millimeter pixel pitch
    • 1 feet, 3 inches to 3 feet, 9 inches wide by 10 feet, 8 inches high
  • Upper ring
    • 8.5-millimeter pixel pitch
    • 97 feet, 6 inches long by 3 feet 6 inches high
  • Lower ring
    • 8.5-millimeter pixel pitch
    • 81 feet, 3 inches long by 3 feet, 6 inches high

Let’s take a closer look at how Samsung turned its Indoor IF Series into a first-of-its-kind center-hung display.

Not just for the pros

With smaller budgets, upscale center-hung displays are often out of reach for minor-league and semi-pro franchises. Scotiabank Centre is no exception.

Scotiabank Centre came to Samsung looking for a way to enhance the fan experience without breaking the budget. LED display technology made perfect sense for the project, and Samsung saw an opportunity to put their Indoor IF line to the test.

Though not traditionally used for curved or center-hung displays, upgraded diodes and pixel pitch options, recent safety enhancements and structural framing solutions made it possible to utilize the Indoor IF Series for this project.

Quick installation

While no large-scale installation is simple, working in a multi-use venue adds a whole new set of challenges.

“These facilities are used almost every week of the year. To shut down and install the display is a big deal,” said Kevin Izatt, product marketing manager for Samsung.

With games and events happening almost every day, Samsung set to work against a tight timeline with little room to adjust. A hockey game can’t be rescheduled at the drop of a puck, after all.

The solution was to pre-assemble larger pieces off site and transfer them to the arena. These larger-than-average pieces could be assembled much more quickly, making more efficient use of installation time.

Service and safety

Adapting the Indoor IF Series display for Scotiabank Centre meant developing custom framing for the LED modules to give fans a 360-degree viewing experience. In addition, new executions and custom construction introduce new safety considerations.

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Samsung designed the aluminum frame with a unique rigid capture system, ensuring the display’s integrity even in the most extreme circumstances and drastically reducing its weight.

The solution was also crafted knowing there will be a need for service at some point. The venue is equipped with spare parts so they can quickly make repairs on their own, and the custom frame makes accessing the display for service more user-friendly. Years after the included warranty, Scotiabank will be able to quickly and easily maintain their video board.

Custom innovations in serviceability and safety made it possible to implement the Indoor IF Series for Scotiabank Centre. But the real question is … how does it look?

A display of pride

Scotiabank Centre’s new display truly is a source of pride for both the team and the fans. With four main screens and two 360-degree rings, the display is the highest resolution center-hung in the league. It’s so well done, it’s being compared to NHL arena displays.

“It’s a real source of pride for the venue,” says Brent Williamson, Samsung special projects manager. “Fans love it.”

The Samsung Indoor IF Series LED Video Display delivers outstanding color clarity and uniformity thanks to years of Samsung innovation. At a more affordable price point, semi-pro teams and smaller franchises can access the same experiences delivered by organizations like the NHL.

The start of something new in sports

In the end, all sports fans want the same thing: a memorable and immersive experience. They show up to games to share feelings of pride with other fans and witness their teams in action. Now, thanks to new innovations in Samsung’s Indoor IF Series, major-league experiences are coming to smaller venues and taking those events and games to the next level.

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