Home and Away. For many of us, that was the extent of the scoreboard at our high school. No instant replays or player stats. Not a trace of sponsored content. No fan app or streaming video. And for many high schools, that’s still the case.

But thanks to a new partnership between Samsung and ScoreVision, high schools everywhere will now have access to the dynamic technology typically only found in professional stadiums — and can use it to drive engagement, learning and revenue.

“The goal of ScoreVision is to deliver professional-level game day and fan experiences — but make it so affordable and easy to operate that essentially everyone can use it,” says Michael Medrano, the company’s president. “Not only is a fixed digit scoreboard underwhelming in this technical day and age, but it doesn’t involve anyone other than those on the court or field. We’re partnering with Samsung to help bring the community together.”

And when a high school invests in new tech, the community can’t help but notice. “When a school upgrades their display, it signals a commitment to excellence,” says Brett Unzicker, Vice President of Sales for Samsung’s B2B Display Division. “Seeing that commitment, students, families and the wider community tend to respond in kind with increased attendance, enthusiasm and support. Our partnership with ScoreVision gives schools everything they need to take this step in a simple, affordable home run package.”

Elevating the game day experience

The ScoreVision software platform is cloud-based, allowing schools to not only push a wide range of dynamic content to their in-venue display, but also engage fans out-of-venue — sending video clips, replays, score updates and other content straight to an app on fans’ mobile devices. The software also helps schools and teams use social media to drive engagement, building excitement and rallying communities around their high school sports teams.

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“To have next-generation video capabilities, communication via a fan app, new hands-on learning opportunities — it’s bringing new engagement and value to an area that’s been left behind in many high schools,” says Medrano. “By empowering the student body to build content, easily upload it to the cloud and automatically send it to a state-of-the-art display, it transforms the venue into a communications center for the fans, the athletes and people who are part of that school.”

Creating new learning opportunities

The ScoreVision and Samsung partnership helps high schools level up not only on the field, but in the classroom, too. “We may sell to the athletic department, but schools quickly see the academic potential,” explains Medrano. “The combination of the ScoreVision platform and the Samsung display creates an ecosystem where science, media and even fine art come together in one place — and that creates learning opportunities.”

Students can script the entirety of the game time experience: pregame show, countdown to game time, timeouts, halftime content, player accolades, home and away rosters and sponsor recognition are among the many features at their fingertips. “There’s no substitute for hands-on experience,” says Unzicker. “This technology gives kids a chance to roll up their sleeves and do the real thing, working together to create rich, multidimensional game day experiences — just like their favorite pro teams.”

Driving revenue for the school

High schools will need to spend a bit of money to bring this technology to their programs. The good news is they can make it back quickly. “Our platform has a full ad engine built in for schools to recognize sponsors and bring in area businesses — which can, in turn, help fund the school’s athletic program,” says Medrano. “The premise was to not only help schools recapture their investment quickly but also to create an ongoing revenue center.”

The tech behind the ads is sophisticated — allowing schools to track detailed metrics on plays, impressions and credits.

“The intelligence behind the ad platform is at the heart of why the ScoreVision and Samsung solution makes economic sense for schools,” says Medrano. “This isn’t selling a brochure to one advertiser you peddle at the venue. It’s giving high schools the chance to leverage cutting-edge technology to create a sustainable revenue source moving forward — just like in a professional venue. You can’t get that with a fixed digit scoreboard.”

Making teamwork a priority

Like any successful team, the ScoreVision and Samsung partnership is based on value and trust — to the point where each is allowing the other full access to their innovations. “Samsung has enabled us to include their LED displays in our installations. Likewise, we’ve allowed Samsung to sell our software with any of their displays. We’ve never done that before,” says Medrano.

Behind it all is a shared commitment to championing the customer. “We felt that kindred spirit with Samsung’s attitude toward the customer. We look at these customers as customers for life,” says Medrano. “We don’t install our software and walk away. We constantly give new updates, enhancements and increase the value of the experience — and so does Samsung.”

If you’re not sure which displays are right for your school events, browse all of Samsung’s signage solutions for live events and sports. Innovative displays continue to change the game — even off the field. By prioritizing interactive learning with interactive displays, you can encourage students to stay engaged and improve their learning experience.

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