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Samsung’s largest FHD monitor takes work monitors to the next level

Recent studies have found that numerous factors contribute to the well-being and productivity of employees, like working from home (WFH) and even dancing. Yet another factor — which has become increasingly obvious lately — is outfitting employees with the right desktop monitor.

A monitor should fundamentally help rather than hinder in getting the job done. Thoughtfully designed screens help people stay focused and help prevent fatigue. Some jobs require a larger canvas so that people can easily work in multiple windows and toggle between tabs. Other jobs require high resolution monitors so that people can see every detail of their work.

Samsung’s new 32-inch S30B monitor, the largest full high-definition (FHD) monitor in its lineup, is designed for high-end performance without the usual high-end price tag. Packed with user-friendly features, the S30B helps make people comfortable and productive.

Bezel-less design

Thanks to minimal bezels on the top, left and right sides of the screen, the S30B is essentially borderless. In addition to a clean, modern aesthetic, this allows for a multimonitor setup without distracting gaps or edge lines. With multiple S30B monitors arranged side by side, shifting between different programs and tabs is as smooth as looking at one large monitor.

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Prioritizing eye care

Thanks to Samsung’s Flicker Free technology that eliminates the nearly imperceptible yet constant flicker associated with less capable monitors, the S30B reduces workers’ eye strain, irritation and tiredness. And with Eye Saver Mode, blue light is kept to a minimum as well — reducing fatigue, maximizing efficiency and prioritizing user well-being in those long hours at the desk.

Smoothness + seamlessness = simplicity

For the most comfortable and least tiring monitor experience, the screen needs to deliver smooth, stable visuals. With the S30B’s refresh rate of up to 75Hz, images on its screen are lag-free, with no motion blur. So whether you’re preparing a presentation or researching video content, the S30B provides pleasant and true-to-life visual quality.

In addition, the S30B features AMD FreeSync. This keeps the monitor’s refresh rate synchronized with the frame rate of the graphics card, eliminating image tearing. The result is a super-fluid, gamer-approved viewing experience that feels natural with even the fastest-paced content.

Seeing in full HD

FHD resolution is 1920 horizontal pixels by 1080 vertical pixels — for a total of more than 2 million, arranged in a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9. Users can take in all relevant information at a glance, and in crisp detail.

Convenience and versatility

Thanks to its selection of HDMI and Display Port (DP) inputs, the S30B functions as a hub for multiple devices. HDMI ports can transmit both audio and video without sacrificing quality. A built-in Auto Source Switch simplifies connectivity even more. When someone connects a device with HDMI, the monitor will automatically detect the source and display content from the connected device.

The option for DP input makes daisy chaining effortless. With one cord, users can connect two or more monitors — reducing both cost and clutter.

The Samsung S30B is specifically designed to deal with even the most intensive computing tasks easily and confidently. Functioning as a multipurpose workstation hub, the FHD monitor prioritizes physical comfort and, by extension, efficiency. All without breaking the bank.

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