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Prioritize your eyes: Monitor technology that puts your health first

Most people spend a lot of time looking at screens. The most recent research from DataReportal suggests the average adult spends about 7 hours a day using the internet on their computer monitor, mobile device or television.

Screen time is even higher for people whose jobs necessitate looking at a computer monitor for all of their work. An ergonomic desk chair can alleviate some physical strain, but it’s the monitor itself that can help — or hurt — the most.

Monitoring your well-being first

A monitor that’s not designed with your well-being in mind can cause eye strain, migraines and even muscular problems in your back and neck. Naturally, these effects lead to reduced productivity, absenteeism and general job dissatisfaction. But more strikingly, computer blue light is linked to blurred vision, dry eyes, macular degeneration and cataracts. It can even cause significant sleep issues.

Display technology is evolving

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It’s possible to mitigate these effects by switching to a monitor with built-in eye protection. Samsung has made eye care a priority in developing a number of unique display technologies, including a blue light filter for its monitors and Flicker Free technology.

Getting rid of the blues

Of all the colors in the visible spectrum, blue light is the most harmful — with effects ranging from blurred vision to permanent vision changes. Blue travels as a high-energy, short-length light wave, and almost all of it travels to your retinas. “Computer vision syndrome” is increasingly common.

Samsung’s latest high-resolution monitors feature Eye Saver Mode, which actively reduces blue-light emissions. This feature minimizes immediate eye strain and helps prevent longer-terms problems like phototoxicity, a condition of particularly high light sensitivity in the eyes or skin.

Adapt so you can thrive

The best monitors for eye health address more than just blue light. Another culprit of eye strain and headaches is screen flicker — common on many desktop monitors, and nearly imperceptible to the naked eye. This flicker is a result of the screen’s backlight rapidly turning on and off. You may not notice it happening, but you will notice its effects. Samsung’s Flicker Free technology helps remedy this.

A high monitor refresh rate — the amount of times the screen updates per second — can help reduce eye strain, but above 75Hz, the difference on the eyes is minimal.

Most of Samsung’s new monitors also feature Adaptive Picture technology. Through ambient light sensors, Adaptive Picture continuously assesses the lighting in your workspace and automatically adjusts your screen brightness for more comfortable viewing.

Together, these Intelligent Eye Care features have earned Samsung’s high-resolution monitors an Intelligent Eye Care certification from the gold-standard TUV Rheinland.

Physically fit workspaces

Besides the screen itself, your desktop’s physical aspects also contribute to its overall comfort. Samsung monitors’ ergonomic design offer height adjustment as well as tilt and swivel flexibility, so sitting in front of the computer is much less taxing on not just your eyes but also your neck and spine.

In the right environment, a curved screen offers considerable eye health benefits. You might even opt for a double-wide curved screen, like Samsung’s 49-inch S95UA. With a screen that imitates the curvature of the human eye, these displays mimic your natural field of vision — so your eyes don’t have to work as hard to focus.

Of course, not everyone’s workstation can accommodate a curved monitor, and not every job requires one. For smaller workstations, Samsung’s compact 24-inch T45F monitor comes with all the same protective eye health features. The monitor’s borderless design also makes the screen more immersive, to help keep distractions to a minimum.

With Samsung’s extensive range of high-resolution monitors, you can get the job done more comfortably — with eye-saving display features that let you put your health first.

You can get personalized recommendations on the optimal monitor setup for your space with this free assessment. Or make your own product comparisons by reviewing Samsung’s full lineup of high-resolution monitors, designed with the flexibility you need to maximize everyday comfort and productivity.

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