For some occupations, image accuracy is everything. The high-precision work of a graphic designer, media producer, photographer or web designer, for instance, requires consistent color and clarity across the screen. A desktop monitor that delivers true-to life color and contrast not only improves the end product, it also boosts productivity during the project. The same is true for programmers and engineers — inconsistent color, brightness and clarity slow people down.

Samsung’s ViewFinity S80PB monitor, which features anti-glare technology and a wide color spectrum, is designed to help the creatives and problem solvers of the world conquer their precision work with ease.

Introducing ViewFinity

Developing blueprints, marketing materials, portfolios and webpages with color precision requires monitors with state-of-the-art features, including:

Anti-glare monitor technology: Not all offices are designed with optimal work lighting. Even when they are, it’s hard to control the amount of natural light that filters in throughout the day.

The previous solution was to add a monitor hood or constantly shift the monitor during the day — or else risk straining your eyes and delivering sub-par work. This setup is less than ideal for graphics-intensive projects, when people need to distinguish between subtle color differences. Likewise for programmers reading lines of code on a black background.

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ViewFinity monitors are the world’s first glare-free monitor line certified by UL. Samsung’s cutting-edge matte display technology and super anti-glare, anti-reflection (sAGAR) film work together to help viewers to see content clearly and without strain, even under the brightest of lights.

A wide color spectrum: On a monitor that can display more colors across the spectrum, each shade becomes more precise. The ViewFinity monitor covers 98 percent of the Digital Cinema Initiative — Protocol 3 (DCI-P3) spectrum, a greater range of colors than the standard Red-Green-Blue (sRGB) color space. With about 1.07 billion colors and rich HDR support (HDR 600 for the 32-inch model and HDR 400 for the 27-inch model), the S80PB helps ensure that visual work is properly color-balanced and won’t be undersaturated.

The S80PB is backed by Pantone — the world leader in color development — and is validated to authentically reproduce more than 2,000 Pantone colors and 110 Pantone skin tones.

Vivid color: Producing crystal-clear imagery without color shifts is made possible with an in-plane switching (IPS) panel, which preserves color and contrast within a 178-degree viewing angle. IPS panel monitors are ideal for projects that require top-notch color accuracy and consistency, and they can improve overall productivity.

Screen size and resolution: Programmers, engineers and designers need all the screen real estate they can get. The ViewFinity S80PB is available in 27-inch and 32-inch sizes, and it features 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) resolution — twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of Full HD (FHD).

Reliable connectivity: Developing color-intensive products isn’t much use if you can’t quickly and dependably transmit them to clients or colleagues. The S80PB maximizes connectivity options with a built-in 90-Watt USB-C port and HDMI 2.2.

Premium precision

Professionals who rely on vibrant, accurate digital imagery no longer have to deal with washed out colors or screen glare that strains their eyes. Upgrading to a state-of-the-art monitor designed to remove these challenges will improve performance — enabling visual creatives and working professionals of all kinds to elevate their work.

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