The last three years have been challenging for businesses of all sizes. You’ve had to compete and win in a volatile marketplace, making tough decisions and putting in late nights to come up with solutions to what seems like a never-ending series of problems.

Back in 2020, businesses went from having nearly all their employees at the office to having nearly all of them working remotely, practically overnight. Not only that, but businesses like yours had to change up workflows and radically reconfigure their operations to maximize efficiency.

The enemy of efficiency is friction. Friction comes from complexity. Business efficiency comes from simplicity.

Now, in 2023, the biggest challenge is driving business efficiencies as office and hybrid working become the norm. How do employees – many of whom are spread out over offices, time zones and even countries – seamlessly track, store, process and transmit complex data across teams at any time, from anywhere?

At Samsung, we understand these challenges. We understand the risks and opportunities they pose for your business. We understand what it takes to survive and thrive in a competitive market.

We believe a key part of this solution is unlocking higher employee productivity. Today we are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for businesses, delivering our most powerful mobile experiences yet with the Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy Book3 Series.

Raw processing power, innovative productivity features and big screens are essential, but power is nothing without flow. Flow is when teams throughout your widespread organization are engaged and synced, working at peak efficiency, communicating and collaborating effectively, despite any internal or external challenges.

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Without flow, you have friction. Friction is when flow breaks down, when critical projects or innovative ideas sit in email inboxes, or worse, never get developed in the first place. It’s laggy, buggy conference calls, convoluted file sharing processes, and loss of access to business systems because of equipment problems or security concerns.

Our new smartphones and laptops are designed to enhance flow and reduce friction for individuals and across teams. We call this the Galaxy Connected Experience.

With large screens, powerful processors and Microsoft integration you can do a lot of work right on your phone. But what do you do when you get to your desk? You either end up emailing the document to yourself, or trying to recall where in the cloud you saved that document. With Galaxy S23’s Link to Windows enabled, you not only can open the file directly from your PC, you can even open your desktop version of Office – all from the recent apps menu.

Often it isn’t files you need to transfer – it can be as little as a URL or some text you’ve found on your phone, and you now need to get it in to a document on your PC. What if you could just copy and paste from your phone to PC? With Link to Windows and Multi Control you can move items and interact across your phone and PC with just one mouse, keyboard or trackpad—almost like they’re the same device. No more emailing yourself.

Let’s consider team efficiency. Like a relay race, the speed handover is as important as the speed of individuals.

How often have you needed to share a large file with a colleague, only to experience the friction of the file size limits of email. With Quick Share, you can transfer files among colleagues, customers and vendors easily, quickly and securely. Better still, it works locally and remotely – and even works with non-Samsung devices – so documents, videos and ideas can flow seamlessly.

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Or, how many minutes do you waste every week accessing a conference call, or struggling to collaborate once you are on the call? We’ve all been there. With the Galaxy S23, with a single press from your calendar you are in your Google Meet call, and with Live Sharing you can share and co-edit Samsung Notes straight from your phone.

Finally, now you’ve enabled all this flow of information, how do you ensure privacy and your corporate data is protected and secure? At the heart of our mobile phones and tablets is our Knox security platform, and the Galaxy Book3 Pro and Ultra laptops are secured by layers of protection based on Windows Secured-core PC. This means your business’ productivity is not held back by security concerns.

Our smartphones and laptops aren’t just convenient time-savers for individual employees, together with the Galaxy Connected Experience they unlock your team’s flow and eliminate friction. Do more than just solve daily business problems, boost your output, supercharge innovation and unlock collaboration anytime, anywhere, and do it confidently, knowing your business and its data are secure.

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