The way we work continues to change, but the keys to business success haven’t. Companies still need to ensure their employees can work productively and collaborate on the fly — with business tools that streamline the process, keeping them free to innovate. That’s why Samsung and Microsoft are building on their long-standing partnership with the combination of the Galaxy Book3 series and Windows 11 Pro.

Designed for work-from-anywhere mobility and peace-of-mind security, the Galaxy Book3 series represents Samsung’s reimagining of the PC. This includes powerful performance — thanks to 13th-generation Intel Core processor technology — as well as Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, an all-day battery and seamless continuity across other Galaxy devices.

Secure mobility for the hybrid work era

The Galaxy Book3 series is a PC with the most advanced security that meets Microsoft’s Secured Core designation for enterprise security. That means GalaxyBook3 devices deliver the highest possible level of protection on Windows 11 Pro, with security features such as dynamic root of trust measurement and the ability to safeguard firmware.

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The Galaxy Book3 Ultra goes even further to provide best-in-class security at every level. If a threat is detected during the PC’s boot process, for instance, the Galaxy Book3 Ultra can secure valuable data by restoring the basic input/output system (BIOS) to a backup copy before it’s corrupted. A “Tamper Alert” function detects and tracks malicious attempts to interfere with the PC before its OS can be infiltrated.

Samsung and Microsoft are advancing data protection at a time when businesses face an ever-increasing range of cybersecurity threats, as a result of the global move to cloud computing and remote work.

Intuitive OS UI on the most sophisticated Galaxy Books

From the get-go, Windows 11 Pro allows users to be productive right away with a refreshed Start, Taskbar and Navigation Center. As a key multitasking feature, apps can be snapped into groups, so you can easily return to them as needed.

Windows 11 Pro also provides greater consistency for IT teams, with simpler app compatibility and cloud management. They can support their mobile workforce through familiar tools and processes, such as Windows Update for Business and Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

In its 2022 State of IT report, Spiceworks found 64% of enterprises and 45% of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasing their IT budgets to avoid the trade-offs that come with outdated technology. Nearly half of those surveyed said they’re spending more on high-priority IT projects to modernize their legacy systems and prepare for the future.

To meet these objectives, the Galaxy Book3 Series and Windows 11 Pro also offer:

Link to Windows

Most people don’t plan their workday by thinking “I’ll start off on this device, and then move to this other device.” They think in terms of what they need to get done. They want to focus on the ideas they’re developing, not the hardware it’s stored on.

With Link to Windows, employees can pair their Galaxy Book3 with their Galaxy smartphone. This continuity allows them to stay focused and connected, with phone notifications sent right to their PC, where they can also send texts and make calls.

Link to Windows (aka Microsoft Your Phone) makes sharing across devices effortless. Rather than constantly emailing yourself documents and images, you can simply copy and paste between devices, or even just drag and drop. For longtime Microsoft users, Link to Windows also means app continuity between devices, so you can keep editing your old documents between devices without fear of compatibility issues.

Quick Share and Private Share

When you need to check in with other members of your team and collaborate on a document, the Galaxy Book3 moves at the speed of business with Quick Share, which uses Wi-Fi Direct technology to send and retrieve files in an instant.

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Of course, companies often need to collaborate with an extended ecosystem of partners and suppliers. With the Private Share feature, the Galaxy Book3 with Windows 11 Pro uses blockchain technology to send files and specify that content cannot be captured or reshared, with the option to set a sharing expiration date.

Taskbar controls for video calling

Chatting with colleagues and customers over video calls has become a daily norm. Windows 11 Pro reflects that with a central “Chat With Microsoft Teams” icon, which sits in the middle of the revamped taskbar.

With one click, you instantly access Galaxy Book3’s 1080p FHD camera and dual array mic — as well as Intelligent Noise Cancelling, which removes unwanted background noise while you’re on a call. Studio Mode also makes it easy to frame your face and remove visual distractions when you connect to Teams.

Ink Workspace and the S Pen

Beyond basic typing, knowledge work can often involve drawing or taking handwritten notes. With Windows 11 Pro, Microsoft offers an enhanced version of its Ink Workspace that allows users to add any Android app to their Quick Access toolbar.

This feature is even more powerful on a device like the Galaxy Book3 Pro 360, which can work as a PC or as a tablet. The accompanying S Pen is also enhanced for smoother and more responsive writing and drawing, with extremely low latency.

As the future of work is now here to stay, the Galaxy Book3 Series with Windows 11 Pro prepares business and IT leaders to meet it head-on.

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