Accidents happen, but some are more serious than others. You can mop up the milk on a table if someone knocks over a glass, or sweep the pieces of a vase that gets dropped on the floor. Now let’s say the accident involves an employee’s mobile device. What happens now?

The answer, usually, is lost productivity resulting from not having a good process for dealing with damaged devices. A broken smartphone, tablet, or business laptop means employees can’t get access to content and applications they need in order to meet deadlines. Communication breaks down between teams, or with customers. Collaboration is impossible unless you happen to be sitting in the same room.

While most businesses recognize the urgency to get devices repaired, they don’t always have the right in-house expertise. Sometimes, they’ve had bad experiences working with third-party services whose processes lack the necessary speed, efficiency, and seamless repairs.

Samsung’s Care+ for Business gives you a better answer to the “What now?” question when a mobile device breaks down. Care+ for Business is a device protection service that builds upon the standard limited warranty on Samsung devices. The standard warranty is free for the first year, guarantees the device will work as commercially intended, and covers mechanical or electrical failures.

Making the case for a service like Samsung Care+ for Business is a no-brainer when you consider some of the following advantages:

1. Flexibility to support a variety of business needs

A lot of mobile device repair services were developed with consumers in mind. Samsung Care+ for Business was purpose-built for those running mission-critical fleets in large or small enterprises, including organizations in education and the public sector.

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That said, the kind of coverage and protection an organization requires can vary widely depending on how mobile devices are used. That’s why Samsung Care+ Business includes extended warranty plans or, alternatively, an extended warranty plan with accidental damage protection as a bundled solution.

2. A hassle-free claims processing journey

A device protection service should be focused on providing help, not making you jump through a series of bureaucratic hoops. To that end, Samsung Care+ for Business offers a simplified path to getting your claims handled.

Once your plan has been activated, for instance, you’ll be able to initiate a claim using the program portal or by phone. Samsung then provides a free shipping label to send your devices. Additional help is only a phone call away via Samsung’s customer support center. 

3. Real-time visibility into repair status

Employees are naturally anxious to know when they’ll get their devices back. So are the businesses that need them equipped with mobile devices for work. The Samsung Care+ for Business portal offers you a dashboard that takes away any of the mystery from the repair process.

Besides seeing open, completed, and remaining claims at a glance, the portal also provides service histories across your fleet.

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4. Expert repair with genuine parts

Ideally, your broken device should come back to you looking and feeling like a new one. Doing that requires having access to the best parts, as well as the best people to handle the fixes.

Samsung Care+ for Business lets you handle accidents with confidence, knowing your devices will be repaired by technicians at authorized Samsung service centers. Not only will fixes be made according to stringent standards but with genuine parts that may not be available to unauthorized companies.

5. Lowered TCO and maximized ROI

Businesses run better when costs are predictable. Making an initial one-time investment in Samsung Care+ for Business reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO) because you’ll be able to address unexpected breakdowns or accidental damage without paying recurring fees or out-of-pocket expenses.

At the same time, a protection service like Samsung Care+ for Business helps ensure your device fleets are used as fully as possible, which builds greater return on investment (ROI).

6. Reduced risk of business disruption and greater peace of mind

The past few years have underscored how quickly and abruptly unexpected forces can bring business to a halt. As more organizations explore remote and hybrid work models and continue their digital transformation, it’s increasingly important to use mobile devices everyone can rely on.

Samsung Care+ for Business not only lowers the cost of accidental damage repairs or replacements, but can also eliminate the cost of repairing hardware failures, allowing you to focus on achieving the business outcomes that matter most.

Learn more about Samsung Care+ for Business, and connect with an extended services sales expert.

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