Does your hybrid workplace have flow, or does it have friction? There’s little in between — it’s usually one or the other. Documents are either readily available from one device to the next, or they’re not. Your team can either collaborate and communicate from anywhere, or they can’t. You either have continuity, or you don’t.

While friction comes from complexity, flow comes from simplicity. Flow is synonymous with efficiency. Designed for the hybrid workplace, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series gives your business the power of flow in mobile phones that not only streamline workflows but also create connected workplaces. With the Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23+ or S23, you and your team will benefit from:

1. Sheer processing power

Business moves fast. The Galaxy S23 moves faster. In any S23 model you choose, you’ll get Samsung’s fastest processor ever and the fastest on the market. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy is exclusive to Samsung and, according to ZDNET, ups the S series’ performance with a 40% faster graphics processing unit (GPU), 49% faster neural processing unit (NPU), and 30% faster central processing unit (CPU) than the previous S22. That equates to a lightning-fast user experience made even stronger by massive internal storage of 512GB in the S23 Ultra and S23+ and 256GB in the S23, with long-lasting battery life and a large adaptive display.

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In the S23, you’ll have the hardware to work with less lag and more productivity. Graphic-intensive apps? Bring them on. Non-stop video calls? Chat away. Switching from apps to videos to emails and back? No problem. Work freely and quickly knowing your phone won’t falter.

2. On-the-go productivity

Much of the hybrid life, especially for a business owner or executive, happens not necessarily at a home office or in the traditional office, but somewhere along the way. The Galaxy S23 has innovative on-the-go productivity features, highlighted first and foremost by the embedded S Pen that comes with the S23 Ultra. The S Pen makes it easy to take notes, make to-dos, edit documents, and tap apps without having to be at your PC. Your team is also just a tap away on Google Meet, where you can easily answer work calls, transfer files, and collaborate from wherever you may be. The S23 can even be your marketing content machine, thanks to the highest camera resolution on a phone and Auto Focus Video Stabilization for incredibly smooth video capture.

3. Business integration

This isn’t just a phone that works for business. It’s a phone that’s made for business — and, specifically, hybrid business. The S23 series has next-level Microsoft integration. Using a current or new Microsoft Office license, you can sign in to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to access, edit, and save documents just like you would in the office. This is where the embedded S Pen on the S23 Ultra comes in extra handy for everyday work functions such as commenting in Word docs, tapping cells in Excel spreadsheets, and assembling PowerPoint slides. Everything can be saved automatically to OneDrive, and you have instant access to OneNote and Outlook as you’re working. No other phone has Microsoft’s ubiquitous business tools integrated into the operating system like the S23 series does.

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4. Enterprise security

Powerful performance only goes so far alone. The other essential component for business is reliable security — and Samsung has addressed that, too. With defense-grade Samsung Knox built into your device, you’re protected from chip to cloud. At the chip level, Samsung Knox is built on Google’s Android Enterprise: home to some of the strictest security requirements you’ll find, and programmed into every device’s circuit board. In the cloud, Knox Suite provides mobile device management solutions that you can pick and choose from based on your needs. Learn how Samsung Knox works and, most importantly, how it has your back.

5. Galaxy ecosystem

As a secure and versatile mobile device for business, the S23 is your gateway to the rest of the Galaxy ecosystem. It becomes even more powerful when paired with a Galaxy Book. Use the Link to Windows app to mirror your smartphone on your PC, and use the two as one. Share photos, videos and documents between both devices with Quick Share. Travel light and accomplish more with Samsung DeX, a PC-like experience on a smart monitor, powered wirelessly by your mobile phone. Want to go all in? Add a Galaxy Watch and a pair of Galaxy Buds, then let Auto Switch seamlessly switch your audio output between devices.

The S series has a legacy of pushing the boundaries of what your business can achieve with a smartphone, and the S23 is the most epic line yet. It enables the workflows of today while defining the workflows of tomorrow, as forward-thinking businesses like yours adapt and succeed in the new hybrid landscape.

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