Business users are unfolding a big screen for big productivity with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5. From the expansive, 7.6-inch tablet display to self-standing Flex Mode, silky smooth S Pen compatibility and a gateway to a Galaxy connected experience, this sleek, yet sturdy foldable is the all-in-one mobile device you’ve been missing.

Galaxy Z Fold5 also provides an optimized Microsoft Office experience, making it easier to create and edit documents anywhere, any time, without powering up a laptop. Tap into the most popular Office apps on Galaxy Z Fold5 to be more productive on your mobile device than you ever thought possible.

Microsoft Word

If you’re like many people, you haven’t really considered working in Word on your smartphone. The mobile app is well-designed, but the standard smartphone screen is just too small. Galaxy Z Fold5’s tablet display changes that. At first glance, you’ll notice that the main toolbar in Word is shown in its entirety rather than condensed into a “hamburger” icon. Meanwhile, Samsung’s Multi-Active Windows feature lets you split your screen so you can work seamlessly between Word and other apps you might be referencing as you compile your document.

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The drag-and-drop feature on Galaxy Z Fold5 comes in handy to quickly pull text and images into Word. If you add the S Pen, you can even handwrite instead of typing and instantly convert your handwriting to text. Comments, Track Changes and Spelling and Grammar suggestions are all visible and easily accessible. If you do want a larger screen to work with, you can connect to Samsung DeX on any smart monitor for a PC experience powered by your mobile device.


Entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners and sales executives tend to spend a lot of time building and editing presentations. Now, they can do so on the go, thanks to an extremely user-friendly PowerPoint app tailored to Galaxy Z Fold5. Just like in Word, the PowerPoint top ribbon menu is laid out in desktop fashion, while Multi-Active Windows, drag and drop and other PC-like features enable complete productivity on mobile.

PowerPoint is a key piece in several app pairings for one-tap launch. Using an app pairing on Z Fold5 is like opening your laptop and having your work suite ready to go. You can also annotate presentations — yet another reason to purchase an S Pen with your Galaxy Z Fold5 so you’re able to mark up slides by hand. When it’s time to proof your presentation, use Presenter View to click through slides in full screen.


Whether you’re responsible for managing important business spreadsheets or simply want to reference them, waiting until you’re at a desktop can slow down the workflow for you and your colleagues. Unfold Excel in full screen on Galaxy Z Fold5 and work like you do on your PC. This is where the larger tablet display makes a big difference. You can see more data and get more done.

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Still want to scale up? You always have DeX for a mobile-to-monitor connection. Once again, the S Pen is highly recommended for business users. In Excel, S Pen makes tapping on cells much easier than using your finger and helps with resizing fields.

Your Office in your pocket

Microsoft Office integration makes getting technical with your Office apps more intuitive than ever, and using your Office apps the way you would on a laptop helps your team work efficiently and keep up with the fast pace of business. In any of the above apps, share the latest and greatest version of your working document over email or OneDrive directly from the File menu. With Galaxy Z Fold5, it’s that easy — and you’re that productive.

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