How Wrike and Galaxy Z Fold5 can transform workplace collaboration and productivity

We all define “work” differently. Depending on your role, work could mean launching a new marketing campaign, tracking support tickets or conducting a financial audit. All of these tasks are part of workflows and projects that can be difficult to manage, especially as more employees are moving between offices and offsite locations. This is what makes the combination of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 with Wrike so powerful for business professionals.

Best known for its ability to synchronize and prioritize a wide variety of workflows, Wrike has been working since 2006 to help companies consolidate multiple apps into a single platform. Its customers range from retailers and manufacturers to financial services firms and more. People rely on it to assign tasks, set due dates and communicate with team members, all in a way that’s scalable and easy to use.

While Wrike’s Android app has been available for several years, Samsung devices are the most popular among its customers. As a result, the Wrike Mobile team has developed a custom app experience specifically to take advantage of Galaxy Z Fold5’s device innovation and features that promote maximum productivity. Here’s what you can expect:

Support for flexible layouts

There’s nothing quite like Galaxy Z Fold 5’s symmetrically slimmed design, which measures 13.1mm folded and then expands into 6.1mm unfolded. That means its 7.6-inch display offers the best viewing experience ever when you’re managing your work, such as reviewing an ad campaign or a Gantt chart that shows progress on a critical project.

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When you open a report in Wrike with Galaxy Z Fold5, the device’s multi-view capability will allow you to also see details from supporting documents alongside it. Think of a warehouse manager, for example, who wants to compare a dashboard of staff schedules with the level of inventory that has to be moved over the course of a shift. A professional services employee, meanwhile, could use Wrike on their Galaxy Z Fold5 to scan a receipt while also inputting data into an expense request form.

It’s just as handy to use Wrike when your Z Fold5 is folded, where team members can easily keep on top of status changes and comments about the work they’ve accomplished, or even assign new tasks with a single tap. If you want to have more of a desktop experience or present information — in a project status meeting, for example — Wrike will also work with Samsung DeX so you can connect to a second screen for true multitasking.

Simplified drag-and-drop across apps

Business professionals turn to Z Fold5 as their mobile office, where they can manage everything from their daily schedule to email inboxes, customer contracts and price lists. Having to switch back and forth from one app to another can be frustrating because it adds extra steps to what should be a seamless workflow.

Wrike’s integration overcomes those hurdles by allowing you to easily drag and drop content across applications. You can attach files like a slide deck or a project proposal from any source. You can also copy and paste text or images to transfer what you need.

Turn S Pen notes into text

Jotting down ideas, phone numbers or other information can be faster and quicker when you don’t have to type. The S Pen, which now has an even slimmer form factor and case with Z Fold5, was designed with that kind of writing in mind. The power of Wrike’s integration means you can now easily convert the handwriting with the S Pen into text, which makes it easy to weave into project files and share with other members of a team.

The S Pen is also great for marking up documents or simply highlighting information — think of a real estate agent showing a potential property to a client on their Z Fold5, drawing circles around the key features and amenities in each room. A construction manager could do the same thing when organizing the team on a worksite.

How Z Fold5 and Wrike can transform your workday

A platform like Wrike provides a great illustration of the benefit business professionals get from Galaxy Z Fold5’s connectivity to the Galaxy ecosystem. If you’re a financial auditor, for instance, you might start your day in DeX mode, where you work on a Gantt chart for a customer about a key project. Once it’s time to attend a meeting with another customer, though, your phone becomes a portable note-taking device.

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In another office or off-site location, meanwhile, a financial advisor may be working on a task and has to send you an update. They can check off items in Wrike, but they can also take photos and attach them in Wrike through a drag-and-drop in multi-view.

If you misplace your Z Fold5 for any reason, its continuity with a Galaxy Watch6 means you can easily locate it via Find My Phone. Then you can unfold your device and dive back into Wrike to scan a checklist as part of an annual compliance and security audit. The results of your audit could then help a financial supervisor who reviews it on the top of their Galaxy Z Fold5 screen while preparing a report for the senior leadership team on the bottom.

Beyond financial services, those in many other industries can use features like the timer in Wrike to keep track of billable hours or verify whether service level agreements (SLAs) are being kept.

Whether you need to assign work, collaborate on the work you’re doing, or review the results, you can easily spend much of your workday within Wrike. And thanks to its integration with Galaxy Z Fold5, that work can now be done successfully from anywhere.

Unfold next-level productivity for your business with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 today. And see how much your company could save by replacing legacy tech with foldables, use this simple cost calculator.

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